Sun-loving, fast growing, drought tolerant shrubs

rvird01July 28, 2012

Hi All,

I'm looking for large shrubs or small, low growing trees that are fast growing, thrive in full sun and are drought tolerant once established. I would also like at least one season of flowers or foliage color. I'm not asking for much :)


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Confederate rose is a beautiful shrub/tree, blooms in the spring, with huge blossoms that look like roses or fancy hibiscus. I have them all over my property and just love them.

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denisemb(9a N. Central FL)

Have you considered loropetalums? Our landscaper recommended them as a screen around our lanai & we're happy with them. Some varieties grow to 12' with 6' spread. Fast growing, new growth is burgundy/purple leaves (evergreen) with spring pink flowers. Most people seem to shear them into hedges, but I like to selectively prune to keep a "loose" shape. Our are in full sun & while I regularly watered them during their 1st season, they've been on their own since. ;)

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Thanks Kay and Denise. I've been meaning to buy some confederate rose. I don't think it will thrive where I want to put the shrub screen since it is really sandy and hard to keep watered. But, I have a few other spots that should work well.

I love loropetalums, I have several and they are doing well. I just want to add something new.

Have either of you ever had orange sweet broom?

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How about dombeya seminole? It blooms a pretty pink flower a good part of the summer and gets pretty tall and wide. :o)

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jatropha or yellow elder

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Thanks for the recommendations. I looked them up and love them! I actually have the yellow elder (yellow bells) and love the flowers. Would the dombeya seminole and jatropha be hardy in zone 9a? We were just moved there from 8b with the new USDA hardiness zones.

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Well, after browsing on-line and looking through available area nursery stock, I ended up with Texas Sage. Since it is native to the southwestern deserts, it should do great in my pure sand yard :) Thanks for all the help.

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Texas Sage is good too. I have it in a very hot sunny area and it does fine. The blooms are pretty, but not very frequent for me.

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