Soil for Growing Mint (Moroccan Mint)

KendraSchmidtAugust 21, 2013

I'm planting out some Moroccan Mint from a plant I recently acquired. I would like to know what kind of soil/mix I should use? I've heard it should be rich, well-drained. I have compost, vermipost, vermiculite, and peat moss. Are any of these okay to use for Moroccan Mint plants in pots?

Also, will compost weaken the mint taste since it's making the soil more fertile? Thanks for the help!

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For all my herbs I use 1:1 all-in-one mix (or peatmoss) / perilite. This has worked well for me. This combo allows great drainage even in my extra deep containers that my mint are planted in, and they are looking great.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

As I have found out , MM is very similar to spearmint, It will be difficult to kill them. They like a lot of moisture. I had a bunch of spearmint in a bucket (with some water in it) they kept growing in that plain water for weeks until I decided to plant them.

I think any potting soil should do. And I don't think they need reach soil (=fertilizer ?)

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margowicz(8/9 UK)

fertiliser - no

something that will hold water dry mint looks shriveled and not nice mint love water I have 5 mints now and they are all in mc cainns all pourpose mix nothing special

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zzackey(8b GA)

I have some peppermint growing in the yard for several year that never got fertilzed
grew well. Growing some cuttings in pots now seems to do better in pots here.

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The famous gardener, Alan Chadwick, recommended planting mint near the garden faucet. That way, every time you turn on the water, the mint gets a splash. It loves to be moist. The soil should be nice and rich. I top dress mine with composted cow manure, or even better, make manure tea. A nice write-up on mint can be found at the website below. Click on "Techniques", then on "Mint."

Here is a link that might be useful: Alan Chadwick

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