Non mainstream canning recipes

uaskigyrl(7)July 21, 2012


Has anyone actually ever eaten pickled chard stems? I've seen recipes but have never tried them. I don't want yo go thru all the work and not like them...

Also, I found some Ario (sp?) Berries at the market. I've never had them before but the farmer let me try one and it tasted like a super concentrated berry to me...has anyone tried making a jam with these?



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readinglady(z8 OR)

Can you describe the Ario berries? It's not a name that rings a bell but maybe a physical description will help.

When you say super-concentrated berry, of what type?


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Hi! It tastes like a super concentrated purple grape...sorry, don't know why I wrote berry, lol. They look like small purple grapes and they are the size of currants...

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oh, and they are firm like a blueberry...actually, if you didn't tast one, you would prolly mistake it for a blueberry

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