Mint Identity Issue..

semajeAugust 23, 2010

So I just got four mint plants in a trade. Apparently the paper towels they came in said what type, but I did not notice. I traded for Peppermint, Chocolate, Pineapple, and Apple. I have them all in pots now, but have no clue which are which! I sent a picture to the woman I traded with and she gave me a guess, but I'd really like to be sure. So what would be the best way to ID? I know pineapple mint is variegated, but it apple too?

Do they really all have their own unique smell or taste?

Would I just wait till they are more grown out and check them then?

Thanks for you help. Id hate to grow something and not be sure what it is!

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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

Posting a picture of your plants would help others identify them for you.

Southern Nevada

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Sniffing the leaves should be a clue! The smell will match the name.

Apple mint has large leaves that are soft and a bit hairy. They're not variegated.

Chocolate mint tends to have more brown on the stem and darker leaves than the peppermint. Both will have pointed, jagged edged leaves, less soft and hairy than the other two.

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Greg, I wouldve posted pictures, but the plants are pretty small and were cut back a lot, so I dont think they would do any good in identifying.

And thank you patsycollins, I guess Ill just wait till they grow out more and look for the characteristics you described.

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Pineapple mint is a great herb to add to tea! It has green and yellow variegated leaves throughout the plant.
Chocolate Mint is probably the easiest to identify. Just rub your hands on it and it will smell like chocolate! :D
As for peppermint, it grows to a height of 60cm with red stems and pinky/lilac flowers with leaves which are dark green.
As for apple mint, its also known as round-leaved mint, it has wrinkled, round leaves which have an apple scent and can grow to a height of 2 ft.
Hope it helps!

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Pineapple mint and apple mint are varieties of Mentha rotundifolia. Despite their names they don't smell of apple or pineapple. The name apple mint refers to the shape of the leaves.

Chocolate mint and peppermint are varieties of Mentha piperita. It might well be that they have similar fragrance.

You can find many pictures of all these varieties on www.



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