Freezing fresh Lemon Balm

matovisme(6)August 25, 2008

Anybody do this? If so, should I use a Food Saver or just put in a zip lock bag and freeze. How long can I freeze it? What else should I know about this? I have never thought of freezing my fresh Lemon Balm until I recently read about this.

One more question:

I have also used my lemon balm throughout the Summer(for drying). I have also read you should only harvest before it flowers. Is this the better and only time I should be harvesting the plant?

Thanks for any help!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Have you used any of your post-flowering harvested lemon balm? Have you liked it? If so, continue. Some folks are particular about the taste and prefer it before flowering. If you are happy, keep harvesting as long as the plant holds up/you don't have frosts in your area. The plant will get pretty ratty as the frosts come closer and so you will probably stop harvesting well before the frosts end your season.

I harvest all summer from my lemon balm plants. I generally save the younger, choice leaves for tea and the older not so tasty ones for herbal tinctures. Regular clipping will keep new leaves sprouting.


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Have you tried freezing your lemon balm leaves in ice cubes (or juice cubes) - one or two leaves per cube. This makes an excellent addition to a fruity summer punch or refresher, quite attractive floating around until they melt.

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Can I freeze lemon bam fresh ?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Try a sample. I think you'll find it will go black unless frozen in ice cubes as recommended above.

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