herbs for chooks

paxwax3August 12, 2005

Hi everyone.

We've got chooks and they pick through the garden and around the place, (5 acre). I have a range of salad veggies they like picking and we have comfrey, nettle, pigeon pea, for the girls, and other herbs too.

I am curious to find herbs that I can make available to the chooks for foraging.

Herbs for strewing would be helpful too. I have Tansy, Rue, Marigold, Penny Royal, and Thyme.

Any ideas or experiences would be welcome.



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CA Kate

Are chooks some sort of fowl????

My daughter lets the chickens run the yard and they do great --- with some added chicken feed. Of course, she never has any herbs, they seem to love those.

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Chooks is an Australian word for 'hens' or 'chickens'. The kind you get your eggs from. Chook eggs, as opposed to duck eggs or emu eggs. You get chooks and chook eggs from a chook farm (chookery), owned by a chook farmer. And when you want your chooks to come to you, you say 'Chook chook chook!' and they'll come running. The word rhymes with 'look' or 'book'.

I had chooks when I was growing herbs commercially in my back yard.

Chooks just LOVE nasturtiums and garlic chives, and I had to keep these well out of reach if I wanted some left over to sell. They also don't mind the leaves of chilli plants. Basically, I found that they'd ignore most of the common culinary herbs like basil, mint or thyme, but they had a decided partiality for the herbs with oomph - a bit of a bite to them. They never touched the ordinary chives, which I took to mean they weren't keen on onion.

They also kept my garden free of weeds (herbs I wasn't trying to propagate!) like nettles, purslane, bindii, clover.

However, when you just toss food scraps to chooks, they'll eat almost anything - including chicken meat and eggs!

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I would hesitate to feed a chicken a chicken part or egg  in todayÂs changing times itÂs unsafe & can spread disease. One example of a problem is the outbreak of Newcastle disease in chickens in CA. Over 1-2 million chickens had to be killed because of this disease - & that is just in a couple of counties. Watch what you feed your chickens & keep them clean.

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purslane is supposedly a good herb for chickens... I think I have heard rumblings that it will increase the omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs.

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