Canning Beets Question

GeneTheNewGuyJuly 22, 2012

I bought a fresh beets at the farmers market yesterday and I am looking for a canning recipe. Here is my confusion: hot water bath or pressure canner?

I have searched and read a lot of recipes. Some call for cooking the beets, adding water and pressure canning. Some call for putting the beets in the jars with a boiling vinegar, spices etc mixture and hot water boiling bath canner.

What say the good experienced expert canners here?

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Let me add, I believe that both methods are probably safe??? But if so, which would you prefer and why?

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It depends on how you'd like to eat the beets. Pickled beets are very good with a little goat cheese sliced onto the beets and drizzled with balsamic vinegar or boiled cider. Haute cuisine, but good nonetheless. And easy peasey. This per Put Em Up!

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For plain beets, you need a pressure canner as they are a low acid vegetable. I prefer to can them plain, so I can prepare them anyway I want after the jar is opened.

I'm not crazy about the pickled beet recipes that are safe for BWB canning, therefore I'm not going waste the produce or time to can it (that's me personally). I have an ancient "store in the refrigerator only" pickled beet recipe that we love, but it's totally not suitable for canning.

It really depends on your personal tastes and what you will consume. And yes, if the recipes are approved, both methods are safe.

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