Canning small cherry tomatoes whole?

John__ShowMe__USA(5/6)July 31, 2011

Sungold has been my fav cherry tomato for more than 10 years now. Can it be canned whole? Added to approved canned salsa recipes whole? Skin and all. Not crushed or sliced. They are about the size of a nickle.

Thanks in advance,


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yes they can but I find they work better if 'popped' first to keep them from separating from the others or floating. With salsa that isn't a problem as they get popped in the process but if canning them whole just make a small slip or poke a hole in them first.

They also freeze great and can't be beat dehydrated. Dried ones are just like candy.


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Thanks much. I was mostly concerned about not being able to peel them. They will take the place of Hunt's Diced Tomatoes on my salads this winter.


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afeisty1(St. Louis)

I've canned them per the Ball Blue Book. (I did yellow pear tomatoes). I took a toothpick and stuck each one before jarring and processing to keep the skins from splitting.

I use mine on antipasto platters, per the marinated instructions also in the Ball Blue Book. Beautiful addition on a winter platter when yellow pears are either a small fortune or not to be found at all.

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I'm finishing up my second dehydrator load of Sun Golds, cut into quarters. They are like tomato raisins. I've never been happy with canning projects, including sauces, made with cherries, but drying is another story.

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floweringmama(z6 Ky)

I haven't canned cherry tomatoes but certainly have dehydrated bag fulls of them. I drop them down in chili and soups all winter long.

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zabby17(z5/6 Ontario)

I dry a lot of cherries too---yum! Agree with planatus that the sungolds are like raisins or figs. Try 'em with roasted meats!

john, will be interested to hear how the sungolds hold up to canning. I've canned some cherries that had tough skins---grape types and yellow pear---but sungolds are pretty delicate, splitting easily. I wondered if they'd turn to mush in the canner. Please report back!


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I've dried Sungold/Sun Gold many times too & there is just nothing like them. Checked more closely and this year I am growing Sun Gold and not Sungold.

I BWB'd just 2 half-pint jars as a test. One jar I poked a hole completely through each tomato with a large needle and the other jar did nothing to them. Then put the tomatoes in sterilized jars with cool water & lemon juice before gently bringing to a boil so as to do a hot pack. Almost all of the tomatoes in both jars split during the processing, but most still held their shape reasonably well. So, for this variety cherry tomato it seems they will split whether a hole is poked in them or not.

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