Rust on Figs

laura1(9aTpa,FL)July 18, 2014

I didn't think that rust was a problem on figs until fall but one of mine seems to be a rust magnet! I was using some concoction that Crowley's sells but that wasn't working. I got some Green Cure and have used it the last two weeks and it might be helping but still a little too soon to tell.
The radio guy said to use Daconil...I'm not wild about using that on my fig.

What do you use for rust???

I wouldn't worry about it but it is dropping leaves.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Laura

In my experience at the end of the season, most figs get rust. My fig looks good at the beginning of the season for the first crop but at the second crop which is now start to drop some leaves, the daily rains don't help either.
I have used Green Cure in other crops and for me it is not 100% effective, I would not use Daconil on the fruits that I am going to eat. Some gardeners use Copper for the rust on figs.


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Yes, I think that I have heard about copper. Several years ago I heard that there isn't anything listed for use on figs for rust.
Before I didn't buy the Daconil I read the label and it isn't listed for use on figs...but neither is Green Cure...nor any copper sprays.

At least I figure that the Green cure is safe.

Also I have no figs on the tree. It is growing taller (about 4 feet with good branching) but not a fig in sight.

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whgille(FL 9b)

I never spray my fig trees and the production is great. The production depends on the age of the tree, variety and care. I linked one of the many discussions on fig rust and the use of copper fungicide.

Here is a link that might be useful: fig rust

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Well, I'm not ready to pull off all the effected leaves yet. I will spray weekly with copper or Green Cure and see how that works in the long run.

A lot of fungicides work as a preventive...and of course once a leaf has the rust on it it will never be a pretty leaf again even if the rust is dead. I don't really like to take off leaves that are still green and making food for the plant.

thx Silvia

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