Processed tomatoes for the wrong amount of time!

shankins123(7aOKC)July 30, 2012

Silly, silly me...I looked at the canning times wrong and thought I should water bath process my pint jars of halved/quartered tomatoes for 45 minutes, when it should have been 85 minutes. They actually processed for closer to an hour because I got a little sidetracked. The 45 minute processing is for tomatoes with added water - I had not added any juice or water to mine. They all sealed.

What should I do? This was a few days ago. I do not eat my tomatoes straight from the jar, so to speak; I always put them into chili, or make a simmered sauce from them, etc.

Thank you for your help,


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Well it is too late to reprocess them and they are well under-processed and it is too late to freeze them now too.

About all you could do is mark them as underprocessed and make sure they get cooked really well after opening if you are comfortable with that risk.

But that is too much risk for me to be comfortable with so all I can do is tell you what I would do with the disclaimer that this is NOT approved methodology by any means. And I would only do this if I had enough jars to make it worth while trying to save them. For a few jars I'd just toss them and call it a lesson well-learned the hard way.

I'd open all jars, dump all back into the pot, bring back to a full boil adding juice or water as needed and re-do them from scratch - clean jars, new lids, additional lemon juice or citric acid - with full processing and marked as double processed for cooking only.



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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

At this point there is no way to be sure if reprocessed all bacteria would be destroyed.
Sorry, I would toss them, personally.

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