Question about dwarf yellow allamanda

sapphiregirl(9)July 1, 2008

Hi, I'm de and live on the west coast. Last year we made a flower garden out back, and bought some plants. One was a beautiful dwarf yellow allamanda. It bloomed all last year, and this spring and summer, not one pod. I have fertilized like I always did with miracle grow, but doesn't seem to do any good. Could it be I need to prune it some? It grows the leaves very green and healthy and all other plants are thriving just fine. I will leave a link to my photo bucket page of it from last years pic. My other name I go by is serenespirit.Anyone have a clue as to what I am not doing right? I appreciate any and all suggestions...thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Do you know which species you have? Is it seed pods you want, or just flowers?

I have several bush Allamanda which in some places is listed as A. cathartica and in others A. schotti, but my leaves look different than yours. Mine have been in the ground for two and a half years and are now blooming their heads off, so I'll share my conditions even though I don't know if yours would like the same.

I haven't pruned them, have never fertilized them (although the soil was amended when I planted them because it is very poor and limestoney), but mine seem to bloom most with more heat and more water. It's been in the mid-90s since late April here (doesn't usually get that hot until well into July), which is when mine started to bloom heavily (mine bloom year round, but more sparingly in the winter). Then, last month, the rain started and now my plants look like they have more flowers than leaves. They are in full sun, along a wall with southern exposure.

If my plants are any indication of what conditions bush allamandas bloom most in, I'm going to guess that your plants are either not getting enough water, not getting enough heat/sun, or you are fertilizing them too much.

I hope you figure it out! If it's any consolation, mine would constantly dry out and would hardly flower their first year. It just took mine a year for their roots to grow deep enough to get enough regular water, but now they're my biggest bloomers.

Good luck! I know once you figure it out you will have them blooming like crazy again :)

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Thank you so much for your imput..I wish I could tell you, but I don't know what kind I have. I never looked or asked to be honest with you. I'm not good at gardening at all, mostly water, fert., and let nature do the rest .., which has been good so far. We've had plenty of rain, as well as I made sure it was planted in full sun most all day. I don't fert. that often, so maybe I need to give it a good dose again. I just bought 2 mandevilla's,..1 small red velvet, and the other is a large pink one. Both still in the pots, but will be going in another garden area soon. Both are just blooming like crazy. They get late sun, tho when planted, they will also be getting most of the sun. I will keep you informed of how it goes with the allamanda..The link that took you to the pic. is the one that has most of my flowers growing in our backyard.

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I'm just south of Tampa Bay and my new ones from last year have not yet bloomed either. My older bushes are blooming, but are really just getting started. Like tetrazygia wrote, it seemed to take the older bushes a year or two to get "settled" in their new home.

I try not to get too worried about new bushes not performing to my expectations for a year or two.

Good luck!

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Thank you ladywing, for your imput, may be just that. I need to just let it settle in for a longer time, before seeing any results. I know it was so young when I bought it, and then with winter, we had some really freezing temps., so I'm wondering if maybe that had something to do with it,,as it seemed to take forever to come back healthy again. We did cover the entire garden to protect it from the winds. I guess the best thing is to just be

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