Honey Bees?

K8OrlandoJuly 5, 2012

Hi all!

I have seen a huge increase in the number of bees this year and realize that there hasn't been much news lately about them. Is the decline in honey bees officially over? Did they ID the fungus/virus/parasite that was killing off the hives and fix it or did it just go away on it's own? Were they being abducted by aliens?!? I'm woefully behind on bee news! Can someone give me an update?



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I'm up here in lower alabama in zone 8b...right on the alabama/florida state line...seems honey bees are in the strangest places...or either i've never noticed them before...wanted to get some seeds off of a tall palm tree and everyone of the tall palms in this area are swamped with them...they are also all over the orange/red trumpet like vines that grow wild here...that is a normal i guess but there are more this year than i remember noticing the last few years...also the crepe myrtles here are semi-covered with them...more so than usual...i also have a couple in my morning glory bush in my yard...that's the update for this area :)

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Hi There, we seem to have even more then ever, but then I have even more then ever flowers for them to pollinate. :o)

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I had an interesting conversation with a bee guy. He said the commercial beekeepers can produce more hives then there is a market for.

I hear a lot of negative feedback on pesticides and bees but according to UF the biggest killer of hives is mites.

I always have an abundance of bees on my blooming palms and crepes. I can hear them before I see them.

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I wish we had more again! Up until a year ago, our neighbor 2 properties over kept bees and we had tons! Then he decided to move them to another property and we don't see them nearly as often. If I had the nerve to do them myself, I would, but I have a bit of a stinging phobia, and you know phobias are never rational. :)

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