canning an Indian-spiced carrot pickle?

lisapat(8a)July 31, 2012

Has anyone tried canning an Indian-spiced carrot pickle? The traditional one is lacto-fermented, uses a lot of oil, and is typically stored in the fridge.

I'm thinking of using a standard BWB pickled vegetable recipe, subbing dry-roasted (no oil) Indian spices for pickling spices, and canning it - has anyone tried this? I'd like the carrots to stay crunchy.

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Yes I've pickled carrots & used Indian spices instead of dill seed or whatever. They were good & still crunchy.

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This is not an answer, but if anyone knows of a safe canning recipe for pickled carrots with indian spices I would also love to know about it.

It's a dream of mine to BWB can pickled carrots with indian spices (esp. ginger), and I have been looking at every "approved" pickled carrots recipe I can find, but none of them ever seem to include those kinds of spices.

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The Indian pickles have made its way to the food industry and now it is one of the best selling products in the market. Pickles from India have a different aroma and flavor because it is made with different spices, cooking styles and ingredients. Usually these pickles are made from four or more ingredients. These pickles are traditionally cooked in oil. There are many different varieties of pickles according to its made and region

Here is a link that might be useful: Pickle Chutney

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Hi Annie

Were you able to find an answer to canning Indian-Spiced carrot pickle?

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