Roundup around little fruit trees

tinael01(10A)July 27, 2011

When I planted my trees I put newspaper, burlap, and then a one of those rings made out of old tires around them to stop grass. But of course the grass has runners and is just popping through all three layers. It took me hours in the hot sun to fix this all up around 10 little fruit trees - I worked hard - and it's very discouraging. If I spray roundup on the grass - is it going to kill my trees if I don't spray the trunks or leaves?

On another note, Nick and I were in Orlando last week and I was hoping I could count on the summer rains to help me out a bit. Not a freakin drop fell - but that didn't stop the weeds from trying to take over beds that were completely weed free when I left. I am very cranky. To top it off, all day long storm clouds have sailed past me and yet it hasn't rained. For heavens sake!!! REALLY??!!!

Okay - all done with the bad attitude. It doesn't pay off anyway it just makes you mess up and pull up your seedlings with the weeds. Hey - at least we had a terrific time and Nick and I will remember it forever. :)

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

Those rings make of old tires? I swear I'm turning mine into a seed starting mat.

I hand weeded out 18" diameter around the trunk of the fruit trees. Then I layed out weed block from the 18" diameter to a 48" diameter around the trunk. Put mulch thickly on top the weed block. No mulch in the 18" inner ring. I left the weed block for a full growing season to smother the weeds/grass. Then after the fall leaf drop I pulled out the weed block.

That worked out really well for weed control with our first 2 fruit trees so I'm doing it again with the trees we planted this spring. So far, they are all doing great, and I only need to hand weed the inner 18" ring.

Glad you and Nick had fun in Orlando! What is Nick planning for his fall garden???


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Hi Diane! We had to stop with the veggies in the front yard - Vivek didn't appreciate the look of Nick's pepper and tomato like he did the cabbage and lettuce and I have to agree the watermelons went crazy. Chore one was redoing the front beds with flowers. So now Nick has to share a bed with me. He'a a little put out by that. I think he'll get in the swing when it's planting time. I'll give you an update. :)

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Round Up is absorbed through the foliage so if you don't spray the tree you should be fine. You can use cardboard or plastic as a block for the tree of you are worried about overspray.

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Rubber and gardening do not compliment each other unless you are using rubber buckets or rubber boots.
I don't get it.
Why would you put a petroleum product around something you are going to eventually eat?
In this sandy soil, organic matter makes much more sense.
Starryrider is right.
Try RoundUp ( Glyphosate) and a cardboard block.
Even safer- hand dig the weeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roundup and Similar Products in the Home Landscape

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I just have my trees mulched and I hand pull any weeds or grass that pops up. Yeah it's a pain but I'd rather do that than spray chemicals for a few weeds. I've learned to just accept that my garden can't be picture perfect all the time. I don't like using chemicals that are known to cause birth defects in my yard. I'm not pregnant or trying to get pregnant but I don't feel comfortable putting that kind of thing in the environment. Cardboard works better than the newspaper for the grass runners. I did a large bed with mixed paper products and the cardboard worked the best.

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To make the runners easier to pull, cut a wide ring around your tree with a shovel. Be sure you are out from the trunk a ways.

I'd go with cardboard and thick mulch when you're done weeding.

Also, remember, it IS Florida in high summer. Things will be better in a few weeks. Now is when all growth is rampant.

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If you're talking about citrus, they have shallow roots and Round Up can kill them. I killed a medium size pink grapefruit tree and a large - otherwise healthy - orange tree spraying round up lightly under the trees without touching the trees themselves, before I realized what I had done.

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I caught a cold so I've done squat so far. I visited Sally today and she suggested floor or roof tiles would also do the trick. Just pick them up again after the weeds are dead. The trees are pretty small and I don't expect any real fruit for a couple of years so I was hoping my little grass killing set up would work. oh well.

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Never heard that Roundup would kill citrus trees if it were sprayed on the ground near the tree. Anyone else hear this? I thought Roundup only killed by being absorbed through green leaves or stems.

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I've used Round Up on citrus for years with no problems. It is not absorbed through the root system. It is absorbed through the foliage.

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I called my daughter who worked in the groves for 2 years. She said the growers use herbicide to keep the weeds down under the trees. (I figured this or there would be weeds all around the trees)

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I've sprayed a little Roundup on the dirt around my citrus trees without any negative side effects. I only drip a few drops on the Bermuda grass that I cannot pull out without harming my tree's roots.

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Excellent!!! Thank you!

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