Plant ID, please

stewbrew FL_10bJuly 12, 2013

This is one tough plant that will not go away even cutting the parent off at ground level. Two or three new suckers spring up every year.

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I think it is a type of dracaena..

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It looks like a Yucca Elephantipes. I bought one for just
$4.00 at my local walmart 7 years ago, put it into the
ground it has spread out to several branches. I left the
main one alone, and it's now about 15 feet tall. It also
once in awhile will get a cluster of white flowers on it. It's
a great plant, grows well and takes very little care except
taking off some dead lower leaves every once in awhile.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I think it's a Dracena. We called them Corn plants. If the leaves are sharp especially the tips, it is a Yucca.

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Let me even this up: it is a yucca

I used to grow this one inside and it did well. I've also grown corn plants and dracena

Now my neighbors have it growing along the fence line and I have had to cut it off the roof of my shade house...lucky I didn't break my neck.

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I agree that it's Yucca Elephantipes. They can get huge, I have two that have grown so big they have trunks like small trees. As said, great plants if you want low maintenance.

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