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flootaAugust 10, 2012

Today I listed a number of daylilies that were hybridized at least 20 years ago that have been great garden performers here in my zone 6-7 garden. Pictures are posted on my blog, with the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some great OLDER daylilies...

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Very interesting post. I'm sure that many more could be added to the list of great oldies, and I can relate to many of the cultivars you mention.

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You brought out the fact that there are many older cultivars out there that shouldn't be tossed just because they are older. I have only one of these, Beautiful Edgings, and it is brand new in our garden and has already made an indelible impression. It is a definite keeper, unless something really strange happens. The bloom and garden pictures in this post are so pretty, and I must say my favorite pics are of Night Wings, Lola Branham, Orangutan, Navajo Princess, and Vanilla Fluff which I might have to get just because I am a big fragrance buff. Avedon

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After someone in Europe commented that they appreciated this information about older daylilies, as often the newer ones are hard to find there, I decided to add Part 2 on older daylilies. It's just been posted on my blog!

Here is a link that might be useful: More golden oldies

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I grow several of these. Concert Tour and Caribbean Whipped Cream are favorites (though the latter didn't do much in this year's heat). A few of these, such as True Pink Beauty, are too tender for here.

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Realy like Ribbonette added to my classics want list.
In fact I mostley have since I just started on a budget the older daylilies and lots of newer seeds crosses.

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Mantis, I'm surprised that Caribbean Whipped Cream didn't like the heat, as it was hybridized in Florida. Do agree that Concert Tour is one fine daylily!

PDsavage, there are plenty of great older daylilies for those on a budget. I'd guess that all of these are in the $5.00 range. I've gotten rid of a lot of newer daylilies because they didn't have the good plant habits of those that were tried and true!

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Sorry, but I can't get over the fact that people think dayllies from the 1980's and 1990's are old. There was a email on the AHS Robin that also listed daylilies from the 80's and 90's as old ...

I posted my "old" daylilies to the AHS Robin that are from the 1950's and 1960's ... which then would make me old too! LOL!

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In my home garden, these are OLDEST daylilies that I grow,and in one's personal blog, one is allowed to relate personal experience. Years ago, I used to grow an entire Stout Medal collection, so at one time I did grow historic daylilies, but except for a few, those were all donated to our club's AHS Display Garden. . I totally realize that a lot of people grow heritage or historic daylilies. So I was speaking on a strictly personal level - referring to my garden only, not all daylilies in general!

We have a committee on "Heritage Daylilies" which refers to those registered prior to 1960.

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Caribbean Whipped Cream didn't like the drought! Hmm, they may be in the $5.00 range, but it's hard to find anyone who sells daylilies mail order for $5.00, unless they are listed on an auction and have a high shipping charge that makes up for the low price.

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Mantis, you're right. I am selling some on the lily auction right now and most are listed cheaper than the shipping but shipping costs have just skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Last year I lost money on shipping and when you're digging $5.00 daylilies, it's just as labor intensive as digging $100 daylilies, and then to lose money on shipping to boot isn't a good thing. I do tell people they can save on shipping when they order more than one daylily at the time. Of course this doesn't owrk if you only want to buy one particular plant!

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I still grow some of these. I have an enormous clump of BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS - it has lovely soft peaceful coloration and does well in the early morning shade of a red maple, but I wish the edge were sunfast.

I also have CAMEROONS and MARY'S GOLD; I bought the former for the watermark, and the latter on the recommendation of (iirc) a "Best for Less" Daylily Journal article. While one might argue that point today, I love the size and brilliant color of MARY'S GOLD.

I had BAHAMA BUTTERSCOTCH at one point in time, but gave it away. (Your blog entry is now making me wish that I hadn't!) The color is striking and distinctive - at that time (and maybe even since) I had never seen a daylily in that color.

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One daylily that really caught my eye was in your post No. 4 from the AHS convention. It is Jan Zoo by Goldner. I have spent some time trying to locate this daylily, and so far, the only one has been Saska Daylilies. However, the picture posted in the Saska gallery and catalog don't look anything like your photograph. There is also no info about the DL as to habit and hybridizer. I plan to e-mail Judy Davisson to see if she might know anything about Jan Zoo as to who might be growing it and have it for sell. Avedon

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About older daylilies and hybridizing: there are any number of outstanding older daylilies that have characteristics (genes) that have a lot to contribute to producing newer cultivars. The first one that comes to mind is Sunshine Melody. It is a very vigorous plant, multiplies, and has lovely golden yellow blooms. It's always one of the last ones to quit blooming, too.

Not so that you cannot buy $5 daylilies on-line. Sunset Meadows Daylily Farm has a very long list of them, and they are super people to do business with. I've been buying from them for years. There are other daylily nurseries that offer them at that price, too.


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