Bromiliad and Orchid sale today

tinael01(10A)July 2, 2011

Did anyone else go to the sale at 211 Sunset Dr. St. Pete today? I bought some spectacular plants and then it turns out that house used to belong to Babe Ruth! Check out this link...

Here is a link that might be useful: Babe House

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Wow I think you just found my dream house (the outside at least)

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I didn't even know abt. the Sale.. where was it advertised ? Thanks, sally

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Katie if you buy it, I'd be willing to rent the MIL quarters.

What a dream house. The sun rooms were to die for. The gardens exquisite. The virtual tour was fun.
So tina what plants did you get??????

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I got three big clay pots full of bromiliads and several other loose bromiliads too. Then my friend Alton and I created a little garden with them. Sally - the owner called the bromiliad society and the people in the rare plant group I am in got the message and passed it on to everyone in the group. I got an email from them Friday night. I thought Calvin was taking you because you talked about an orchid sale in your email this week! I'll take a picture of my new garden and post it tomorrow sometime. It will be afternoon because I'm helping Alton in his garden in the morning.

Hey Sally are you going to the tropical plant sale at USF this weekend?

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Thanks Tina - The orchid sale was when the Fla.Native Orchid place closed, I did go and got 4 nice Vandas.. I'm trying to talk Calvin into taking me to USF, I want to see what they have in Hoya and maybe orchids.. it pushes his patience ! LOL! he has no interest in all 'that stuff', however he takes me to Lakeland every month for the Heritage Rose meetings, during the 'season' .. he seems to think I am not capable of driving these places myself..... but it does come in handy to have someone carry all those heavy pots, eh? ... sally

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Hi Sally! I am picking up Alton at 7:30 and we have to stay until 12, but if you want I can come and get you and you can travel with us. Alton volunteers in the shop that's why we stay so long. It may be too much for you but it's an option and I'd like the company.

Here you go CoffeeMom! My new treasures!

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Nice haul!
The bilbergia in the pot will have pretty pink blooms.

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Hi Tina - You are a sweetheart to offer but I would be dead in that time, anything after abt. 1 hour and I collapse in a lump on the floor... those are some gorgeous Bromeliads. especially that stripey one, you made out like a bandit ! Thanks, sally

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