Lemon Balm near Mint question

noinwiSeptember 19, 2010

Has anyone had their Lemon Balm cross with their Mint? Are they that close in the mint family? I have a Peppermint plant I need to put in the ground, as last year it barely survived overwintering indoors and I know it won't survive outside in a pot(tried that). The only space I have for it outside is near some Lemon Balm(and also near some Monarda). This is not an area where I'd be concerned about the invasiveness of either of them. I've googled but can't find anything regarding the two, except that mints in general will cross. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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I guess I'll plant it and see what happens. Let's move this on down. Thanks anyway, for checking in :D

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Your question 1: No. Your question 2: Not very.

Never say never but I think it is extremely unlikely that they would ever cross.

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Thank you, Flora!

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leira(6 MA)

If your peppermint is really peppermint, it's infertile anyway.

Also, if you want your mint to survive the Winter outdoors in a pot, sink the pot into the ground. Granted, I'm in zone 6, not 3/4, but I've had good luck with this.

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The mint is Chocolate mint...didn't think about the fertility issue. I'm an apartment dweller, so I can't sink the pot into the ground near the building. The spot I have chosen is just off the grounds(city property, not maintained)where I started a small(guerrilla)perennial patch, so I thought I would plant it there, but was concerned about the crossing issue. Thank you for the suggestion and the info.

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