Jessica Lillian daylily ??

missylin(9b)August 7, 2014

My cousin Jessica has a little girl named Lillian- Lilly for short. I saw this daylily called Jessica-Lillian and thought it might be a good housewarming gift. The lady selling in on the daylily auction says it grows but does not bloom where she lives, north of Boston. my cousin just moved from Long Island to Poughkeepsee, NY (sp?????). I know also she has deer in her yard. I have no idea if the weather is different in Poughkeepsie and north of Boston or different enough. Is anyone familiar with Jessica Lillian. I read online it is dormant. I know zero about growing daylilies in the north. I am having so much trouble with them in Florida and a nursery just south of me has stopped carrying them. But, that's another story. Also, if Jessica Lillian would do well in upstate NY, when does one plant daylilies up there? Do they come back after they lose their leaves? Is it to late to plant? Here it's way to hot to plant now.Thanks everyone.

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Dormants should do fine in NY, and I'm not sure why it isn't blooming in the Boston area. I don't grow this cultivar, so I can't comment on its habits. I'm in zone 5 (Michigan) where we get plenty of snow, and I do fall planting in September. Plants need to be in the ground at least six weeks before the first hard frost. Dormants begin to come up in early Spring here. I checked out the listing on the auction, and it's a very pretty one!

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Has always been a weak grower here.

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