Confused about nuts & chocolate when canning

booberry85(5)July 18, 2014

When I first started canning, I saw recipes for Chocolate Raspberry sauce and various conserves. I was told at the time that they were safe to can, but that they needed to be eaten within 6 months of canning because the oils in the chocolate and the oils in the nuts can go rancid. However, When looking at Ball's Complete Book of Home Preserving, 2006, I don't see any warnings like that for their "Chocolate Raspberry Sundae Topper" or any conserves (like "Pear Almond Conserve.") Can someone please clarify this for me?

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate Raspberry sauce

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The Chocolate Raspberry sauce calls for unsweetened cocoa powder which contains a lot less oil than chocolate. I make Christine Ferber's Raspberries with Chocolate (with real chocolate) and it keeps fine for at least a year and usually longer.

The problem I have with conserves is not that the nut oils go rancid, but the nuts get soft and mushy. I'd rather sprinkle on some fresh toasted ones, but that's just me.

I looked in some of my other canning books, and didn't find anything referring to shelf life of items containing nuts or chocolate. A few did specifically mention to keep conserves in a cool pantry, but the shelf life was still listed as a year.

Just curious, where did you hear the "6 months" rule?

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The 6 month rule I had read in a canning / preserving forum (possibly this one) when I first started canning maybe 10 years ago. I've never read it in a canning book.

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I went for it and made the chocolate raspberry sauce (ice cream topping). I'm glad I did! Its crazy delicious!

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