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nat4b(4)August 9, 2014

Sherry Lane Carr - couple blooms left. Been great this year as usual.
Though it is not recurved by the end of the season. Some DLs just look better recurved.
Oh I also like that it's taller than registered

I had very little splotchy blooms this season. But Wren's Song's last blooms are all blemished :(

Utopia or Oblivion - also couple buds left. It looked so velvety today.
I just wish this one would open better though after I divided its huge clump in the spring
more flowers opened better than last year

This one made a come back. I think it's Evening Gown, but I am not sure.
It was sent instead of another daylily several years ago and at that time I
didn't like that color (and form), plus it was a wrong plant so I quickly got rid of it.
This year I moved one of the daylilies that was too crowded but one fan of
it didn't look right. I decided to plant this fan at some distance.
And sure enough it was a different plant. Now I like the color, and the form is alright..
and it's late, but I am not 100% sure of ID

Also I can't get an accurate color with my camera

Later double - Black Lace Conspiracy

Fear Not today

The Band Played On reblooming

Linda's Magic

Here's Stranger in a Strange Land which I just call SIASL for convenience
It's a bit disappointing because those pretty blooms hang up more often
than not :( Also sad because it's my most expensive daylily I allowed myself to get.
Can't just throw THAT away..

And here's a new addition to my army of NOIDs. Wrong flower sent.
If it continues to be that late (started Aug 6) I'd sure keep it because it seems
to open well and I don't have anything of this color. But it's also quite short (20"),
though it's first year blooming maybe it'll get taller (?)

And my two Tahitians - Tahitian Dancer and Tahitian Waterfall today
Dancer - I can rarely get the color right but that's a fairly good try



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Well, you certainly saved the best for last! Tahitian Waterfall is a stunner, and that's a beautiful photo. I like the other Tahitian as well.

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Maryl zone 7a

Some really lovely ones today. Wren's Song, Utopia and Tahitian Waterfall all stand out to me. I also like Sherry Lane Carr. I've had mine for years now and it's survived the rust attact and last years horrible winter. If I find any fault with her it is that the yellow fades midway out to the edge of the petals by the PM. Not totally bleached out but I'd be happier with a more stable coloration. Still that seems picky compared to how wonderful she has been in other ways.....Maryl

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Fear Not must be a great performer. Your flower looks perfect and every picture I have seen posted this season is the same. It is a beauty. I also love TWF - it is so sweet.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I like them all, so its not easy to find the favorite one in the bunch but Wren's Song's is a beauty, as well as that beautiful purple one.Stranger in a Strange Land . That is just gorgeous.. They all are beautiful. The last one is a real eye catcher.


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The Tahitians both look good. Linda's Magic seems to have a long bloom season.

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shive(6b TN)

You have a nice variety blooming today. I think Tahitian Waterfall is my favorite, closely followed by Black Lace Conspiracy. SIASL is a beauty too. I hate to hear the blooms hang up for you. Maybe it will open better next season.


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You still have quite a few blooming for late in season. I especially like Fear Not and Tahitian Waterfall.

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The color of SISL is really pretty. Hopefully it will resolve the opening issues next year....just too pretty to want to compost that one, My overall favorite is Linda's Magic. It looks absolutely perfect and I love the color.


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Thanks everybody!
I still have about 1/3 blooming, took some pictures today but never even downloaded them.
Fear Not has been great this year, very consistent nicely opened blooms. Linda's Magic also opens very well, it has 1-3 blooms a day so she spreads her buds over time.
It's the second summer of SIASL blooming, maybe third year's the charm? If not I'll try to move it. I have another daylily that does that, but only in the beginning, and not every day.

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