Canning Jar prices

Rosie025July 18, 2011

Where does everyone find the best prices for jars? I'm guessing shipping from an online site would be pretty expensive, so I think a store would be best.

I live in the Denver metro area, so most stores are available here.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Walmart is about the cheapest that I know of.

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I've seen new ones the cheapest at Odd Lots/Big Lots. Substantially cheaper. I have a stash of canning jars as large like Ft. Knox now and haven't purchased any for a good while, but the temptation still arises when I see them at cut-rate prices. LOL.

You might try running an ad in your local classifieds under 'wanted' items, or checking to see if some are advertised there where people are cleaning out their basements, or those of a (usually older) relative. Ditto checking out your local Goodwill. I got a large paper grocery sack full of them for $1 there once. Just check out the rims to see if they're not chipped and make sure they're canning jars and not something like old, threaded mayonaisse jars. My biggest bargains have been at auctions when I went in a season when canning isn't normally done. I've stood in snow to buy canning jars.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Fred's Dollar stores here carry Golden Harvest jars and lids. The prices there beat Walmart's price for Ball and Kerr jars right now but I don't know if you have Fred's in CO or not.

What stores are available to you?


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I couldn't believe the stores around here this year starting their prices at $11 to $12 for pints. YIKES! It truly wasn't that long ago when they were $5.00 at Big Lots.

For those of you who buy on Craigslist, what is the best way to get dirt/dust off of the inside of used jars? Just putting them through the dishwasher doesn't work well at all, and even soaking in soapy water and scrubbing doesn't work that well either sometimes. Would bleach water work?

Carla in Sac

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I was in Bed Bath and Beyond today and was happily surprised to see (Ball Brand) canning jars. The prices weren't the best (I think $8.99 for a case of pints, over $10 for wide mouths). But when combined with those ubiquitous 20%/$5 off coupons, you could get the jars at a decent price.

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Carla - I think if you soak the jars in a solution of white vinegar and hot water - that might help to brighten them up. Let them soak overnight. Then, wash with liquid dish detergent or run them through the dish washer. Use 1/2 vinegar to 1/2 water.

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Thrift stores here (Indianapolis/Dayton, Oh area) have been pricing jars at $1 EACH. like, Golden Harvest jars. It's ridiculous.

The only place to get jars is garage sales/estate sales/auctions/craigslist/freecycle. There's a huge run on them.

I'm going to go through my hoard and look for the "antique" ones and see if I can't unload some, lol. I have an easier time finding blue ones at sales than I do ones I can can in--and when I do, the prices are the same.

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Our $ store has them for $7.50 for the pints. If you reuse them it's not a bad price.

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I second Freecycle. However for seasonal items such as this I am not sure if now is the time (aka the HEIGHT of the season for the particular item.) Maybe when people do spring cleaning? I don't know.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

We had to go to the outlet mall this weekend to get hubby's work clothing. I really don't much like shopping, so that was not my favorite trip. There is a kitchen store at the outlet mall who was asking $18.99 for a flat of canning jars! UGH! Luckily I was rewarded with a trip to the hardware store on the way home from the mall (I much prefer shopping in a hardware store!!) and got my jars for $7.49, the've been the same price at Ace hardware for 5 years!

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After canning season is over a lot of stores will sell their overstocked jars and lids to closeout stores. Check Hudson's or Big Lots in the Fall or Winter for the best deals.

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My local Big Lots finally got some in. Golden Harvest (my fav brand) pints & half-pints were $7.25 and quarts $8 per case. I just bought 10 cases & will get more next time I go by. Was really, really happy to find a 16 qt stainless steel stock pot with vented glass top there for $17. The happy part is that it is 10" tall so I can BWB quarts in it even with a bottom rack. Enough room for 5 quart jars.

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John - I'm going to have to check Big Lots for that stockpot - is that 10" interior height? I got one like that for $30 last year at BB&B, but it's an inch shorter so I did manage to pastuerize some quarts of pickles but can't BWB.

I found lids and pickling salt at Big Y (New England grocery store chain) on clearance in Oct last year, but no jars. I couldn't find the salt during the summer. Funny, they had pectin last summer (and have it now), but don't have any 8 oz jars, just quarts?

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More like 9 3/4", but still just enough room for quart jars.

Photo is a quick & dirty distorted one, but accurate enough I think.

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There were some very similar looking pots there too. Just in case someone needs the bar code:

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