Hole in Foxtail palm trunk

alby(10b)July 11, 2012

One of my Foxtail palms has about a two inch hole in the trunk about a foot above the base. It's not just a depression, it's a hole. I don't know what caused it and am not sure how long it's been there. The palm is about 15 feet tall and appears to be healthy, otherwise.

Is there anything that can be used to fill the hole, silicone caulk maybe, to prevent disease from getting in there or is the tree's fate already sealed?


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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

Do not use anything to fill it. Best thing to do is nothing. Just keep it open and airy, trim any other plants away from it. And make sure a sprinkler isn't hitting it in that spot. Also, no deep or excessive mulch around this palm.

Palms are not true trees so it will never heal that hole. The hole is an open passage for any potential pathogens. But I have seen palms with holes that have been alive for decades.

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Thank you very much for that Eric. In fact, there is a sprinkler head just feet away from the site and there is a light layer of mulch inches away from the base.

I'll be changing the sprinkler head to reduce the impact of watering on that area.

Thanks again.

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