Sky Captain and More After Rain

maximus7116(MI)August 5, 2014

I was so excited to see SKY CAPTAIN, a newly planted Hanson, give its first bloom after heavy rain last night. This one is supposed to be 50" tall eventually:

BLOSSOM QUEEN also had its FFO. Terrible photo of the daylily, which is very pretty, but I wanted to show you the scape:

DIANA COOKE TUPPENY with another of its many blooms. This was just planted in the Spring:

Here you go, Jean! Last blooms from CAROLINE'S CHARM:

I could have sworn I gave away or lost MAGICAL SWIRLS, but found it blooming in full shade today:

This is the third year for PINK ALOHA and the first year it has bloomed. Six buds, and this is the only bloom that opened fully. Definitely needs to move south:

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER screams for a photo. Tall daylily with huge blooms:

And finally, another pic of TREASURE OF THE SOUTHWEST. which has never bloomed like it has this year:


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Maryl zone 7a

I like that Sky Captain and at 50 inches tall, it certainly will be easy to see. Diana Cooke Twopenny is a pretty pink. How nice when the new ones bloom the same year.....I loved my Pink Aloha and it showed remarkable vigor for it's first year here. Unfortunately all 3 pots of it didn't survive our unusually prolonged cold weather last winter. Treasure of the SW also didn't make it, but your picture shows how pretty the color is.....A nice group you have in this post....Maryl

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Is Treasure of the Southwest the registered height of 20"? Sky Captain has lots of flair. Diana Cook looks as though it has good substance. Any particular characteristic you like, other than floriferousness?

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

SKY CAPTAIN sure is a pretty one, but,I don't like them that tall. They have a way of not standing up straight. Beautiful Edging is about 4 ft tall here and its all bent over almost touching the ground,but,I put a stake and tied it up so it wouldn't be on the ground.Then last year it had a couple scapes that stood up good but was hard to get photos of it.They were taller then me.I just really don't want scapes no taller then 30 inches.
Awww, no more CAROLINE'S CHARM:. its such a beauty but,am so glad you posted its last bloom. I just got to have that one, maybe next year.Sure a shame about PINK ALOHA not doing good for you, as its so pretty, too.
MAGICAL SWIRLS, is a really pretty one, too, Love that color.


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Thanks, Maryl. If you want to try Pink Aloha again, I'd be happy to send it to you.

Mantis, Treasure has always been grown in poor soil here with lots of clay, and has never bloomed so heavily. Its height is approximately 20". Other than a pretty face, I primarily look for bud count, branching and scape quality. If it increases fast, so much the better. Oh, and I don't care for the shorties at all. Or small blooms. Should I stop now?

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

SKY CAPTAIN and DIANA COOKE TUPPENY both look awesome, as does the scape on BLOSSOM QUEEN.

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Julia NY(6)

Nice group Chris. That tall one is huge. I love it when they are tall and it has nice branching on it too. It should have nice flower opening placement.


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Nice selection! Sky Captain (good name :)) is pretty! I like tall but I think 50 will be too tall for me. Love Diana Cooke! Very pretty. Too bad about Pink Aloha, it looks like a nice pink. I also like High Plains Drifter!
And envious of your rain! We really need some.

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shive(6b TN)

Pink Aloha is so pretty. My replacement plant of it is not doing well. It probably needs to move farther south than here, too.


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Nancy zone 6

TREASURE OF THE SOUTHWEST is my favorite, fantastic color. Too bad about Pink Aloha, really nice flower.
Sky Captain is really pretty, and tall too, it will really attract attention. I didn't think I liked them too tall, but I have a seedling daylily that I really like. Huge flowers & must be close to 5 ft tall. Only 12-15 buds per scape, but the blooms are so huge I don't mind. I do wish it had a bit more color to it. Hope it is ok if I post a photo of it

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I'd keep that seedling, too, at 5 feet with huge blooms. I really like the tall daylilies in the back of a planting or against fences, so I'd definitely add more of them.

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Sky Captain is a very pretty bloom, and I love the bright colors in High Plains Drifter. Pink Aloha is such a pretty bloom, it is a shame it doesn't do better for you. Blossom Queen is another lovely bloom. You know, I didn't like small blooms either and still don't in general, but Black Fathom Depths is one of my favorite blooms. It has the smallest blooms on any of my plants, but it will never leave my garden by my choice. Funny how that happened.

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Kay, do you want Pink Aloha when I mail you Catastrophe Waitress?

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