Can you use lambs ears to make herbal tea?

mersiepoo(6)September 20, 2008

I heard you can..and I do remember that when I had crushed a lambs ear it smelled (to me) a little like pineapple. Not sure if I read about it in a Euell Gibbons book or not, Stalking the Wild Asparagus.

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If the plant you have is Stachys byzantina, a tea made from the leaves tastes like apple. And it's safe to drink!

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I'm not sure if that is the botanical name, it's the common type of lambs ear, with the purplish pink flower stalks. They do smell so nice! :D

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mikael3(z7 Atlanta GA)

Is it used dried or fresh for tea?

S. lanata syn. byzantina is the "yerba de mole" of Mexico. I have read some recipes that call for it in mole verde, but I have yet to try it that way. I like my mole verde recipes, and I don't want to mess with them yet. But the idea of trying this herb first in a tea is intriguing.

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Be safe and make sure to get positive identification before consuming anything!! :)


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Ditto FataMorgana! Often given, but, sadly, much ignored advice!

The pix at the link below will help, but when in doubt, leave it alone!

Mother Nature isn't always kind. She has made many dangerous plants to resemble safe ones, just to keep we humans on our toes.

BTW, an older botanical name for it was Stachys lanata. The name is now not generally in use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lamb's Ears

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nygardener(z6 New York)

Wow, I never thought of steeping it  thought it was purely ornamental (other than its old use as a bandage). Thanks for the idea!

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