Your Favorite Yellows Please

maximus7116(MI)August 6, 2014

On another thread it was becoming torture to name our top three daylilies, so I thought I'd start one divided by color. I'll start off with everyone's THREE favorite yellows.


FABER SABRE, new this year and already a favorite:

And CAPACITY FOR WONDER, because you can't ignore the polychromes:

Please share your favorites.


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Yellow Monkey

Yukon Spring

Elegance of Summer

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I've mentioned two already, assuming we're counting golds as yellows:




The third is a toughie; I have three candidates. So hard to choose just one, but I will: GREEN INFERNO (Gossard 06). Of course, that assumes that "neon green" is actually yellow.

If we're going to quibble about that, I'll happily substitute WHIP CITY SLINKY SLIDE (L. Jones 09). That one's registered as a gold.

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Picking just three of one color is hard! I hope my Yellow Monkey looks as nice as Edward's next year. Here's my three...

Solar Music


Coyote Moon (early morning shot, so it isn't open all the way)

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I will try hard to list only three. I have already told about these on the other thread.

1. Last Snowflake
2. Lone Star Wagon Wheel
3. Annie Armstrong

Oh goody, I get to name another one. Note below. It's a hard choice but I will pick Patsy Carpenter. Thanks Chris.

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Judy, I'm going to play moderator here and call Last Snowflake a white, so you get to post another yellow. LSWW is a beauty, by the way.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

I'm loving this post because I love yellows!
Here's some of my favorites in my garden:

Emperor's Choice

Buttered Popcorn because it blooms like crazy

Arcadia Plantation is a paler yellow, shortish and 4" and I love it

Charles Trommer because it's a great very tall bloomer

Patsy Carpenter is huge and opens great every time

Bill Norris is an eye catcher

Jen Melon

Golden Scroll

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Nancy zone 6

I don't have a lot of yellows, never been a favorite color really, but I'm thinking this year I really need more. I do have Bill Norris, that is one great daylily, blooms always open well & look just perfect, always reblooms.

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Lots of beautiful yellows here. I love Yukon Spring and Solar Music.

Keep 'em coming!

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I have few yellows. whistler's Sister because it is such a great bloomer, and My Chihuahua Bites because I love the name. It is probably my least favorite color, but I do like Concrete Blond, and I've always liked pictures of Bill Norris. I bought it once, but it died without ever blooming. I have Dilemma, a pretty one, but not a big bloomer.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Chris, I was going to list Capacity for Wonder as one of my 3 and then I saw you posted it's photo already so I've chosen an alternate just to be different. (It still is a favorite though). I am one of those people who love every color of problem is only that I have a hard time narrowing down my choices in each color category. If I must choose just three, they would be these....BUT I cheated and chose some runners-up.


For many years I have had this as a NOID. I even posted on here for help naming it and I forget who it was that suggested Wind Song but I do believe they were right on. It just has an ethereal beauty to it that must be seen in the garden to appreciate. Very tall scapes, palest yellow with white midribs and a delicate shape....but most of all, what draws me to it is the FRAGRANCE which is heavenly. It is the only daylily I livehead in the evening and bring inside to enjoy....I float them in a shallow glass bowl and sniff them while at the computer.

I always think of this one as more 'golden' but it's classified as a yellow. The substance is amazing, the color is a standout in the garden like a glowing beacon and it is vigorous, long-blooming and productive. I like everything about it. AND I love cheddar cheese so the name completes the love affair.

I love the coloration, the shape, the substance.


This would be a top 3 for sure but because it isn't solid yellow I wasn't sure if patterned yellows were eligible.
I bought this daylily because of the name, because my name is Celeste and hubby says I am here is CELESTIAL BEAUTY. This one is a great performer here for me

because she is just an enormous 10" bloom and a glowing presence in the garden

Of course, you already posted the beautiful Capacity for Wonder but I had to second the nomination with another photo ot it.

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Maryl zone 7a

Well, yellow is my favorite color in daylilies yet a good long term yellow daylily has eluded me so far (except for Happy Returns which was a well spent dollar or two for the 20+ years of blooms it has given with little to no help from me). I could name all the ones I liked but that died out after a few years but who is interested in that. How about one that survived our severe winter last year (in a pot) and one I'm crazy about in the light yellow catagory - Sour Puss.......Maryl

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I'm crazy about that one, too, Maryl. I'll have to look it up.

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shive(6b TN)

I have lots of near whites and creams, but very few yellow selfs. BILL NORRIS is probably the only one I could brag about. SOLAR MUSIC drives me crazy because it takes so long to open, has never been its registered height, and has very few blooms here. I really loved Lone Star Wagon Wheel, but it died last winter in a pot. Betty Warren Woods, My Darling Clementine, and Way Beyond the Sun have almost died out because they are growing in too much shade. I've had Patsy Carpenter for four years, but it only bloomed the second year, then came back looking like a newly planted seedling for the next two years. I have ordered three new tall yellows from Northern growers. I hope they will fare better.


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Maryl zone 7a

I want to add that another disappointment with many of the yellows I've tried is my age old complaint of them not being colorfast. Loosing a little color is to be expected, but bleaching out to almost white is not desirable if you paid good money for a YELLOW daylily. So if you know if the yellow you are posting stays yellow be sure and let us know. This post is one I'm following closely........BTW, the yellows posted so far are indeed very nice. I will be checking many of them out......Maximus: Sour Puss is by John Shooter of Marietta daylillies. He called it his "best yellow". For an acid yellow color, he's right in my book. To add to its merits, It also remained rust free during the horrible year I imported rust from a batch of far south daylilies (lesson learned)........ Maryl

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Maryl, Concrete Blonde and Capacity for Wonder have been here for years and have always been sunfast. I don't have the baking heat you have, but even in our hottest summers these have done well. Faber Sabre is new this year, so I can't speak to its colorfastness.

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Maryl zone 7a

Ooh and they are both so pretty Maximus. I've put a star by their names to remember that information when I check them out.....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Sorry but I had to add the extras ;-)

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My favorites are:


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hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

Plain yellow is not my favorite color. I like a red eye with my yellow, but if I have to choose three, they would be Forestlake Point Lace, Bill Norris, and Mike Longo. Forestlake Point Lace does very well for us, but it doesn't like to set seed. Bill Norris is a vigorous, well-budded plant that reblooms. Mike Longo struggles here but it is so fancy. Here is a picture of Mike Longo.

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Nice yellows!
Three hmm.. I actually like all my yellows :)
But I think my three favorites will be
Yellow Titan
Sherry Lane Carr
American Freedom

I can't access Photobucket today and only have a few pics saved on this computer. So here's Yellow Titan sometime this year

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I love yellows! I normally don't post my flowers, but I am very fond of this one, and the person its named for:


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Ed, thanks for joining in! Alana Banana is a beauty.

I love yellows and you folks are making my list waaaaaaaay too long.

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I need to add another one! It was very unfair to have left it out of the running simply because it had finished blooming. GREYWOODS LOFTY LIZZIE is tall, a pretty color that I think of as a "true" bright yellow, and with teeth from its SPINDAZZLE background. The color is pure and clean, without an ounce of orange or mud to it.

Tall scapes, big blooms, and great color. Registered as having only two branches (but with 20 buds); maybe that's right (I've never checked), but it puts on a show in a clump that more than makes up for any limitations in branching.... So says this sucker for color. :) Lofty Lizzie

Oh shoot! MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST is registered as a creamy YELLOW! I'd planned to enter it in the cream category. Must mention it, even though I'm cheating once again. (How many am I up to? No, don't tell me.) A Karol Emmerich plant, tall, large blooms, teeth. The bed is a bad one (too hot by far), yet it performs despite what I did to the poor thing. It's reblooming even as we speak. Utmost for His Highest

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Thanks for mentioning Greywoods Lofty Lizzie. I mistakenly gave that one away, but was wowed by it when I grew it.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, maybe I can find a couple yellows.not open all the way yet.

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I have to agree with Debra on Solar Music. it takes forever to open here.

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shive(6b TN)

I think TECHNY PEACE was my favorite yellow this season, as much for the heavenly fragrance as the polychrome bloom.

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shive(6b TN)

My second favorite yellow was MISS GOLDIE GOLD DIGGER, which has quite a bit of orange mixed in with the yellow.

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Here is another picture of Elegance of Summer taken at 7:30 this morning. This is why it will always be in my garden. BTW, these are 7 inch blooms.

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Brad KY(6b)

Hard to do; I have a few yellows and golds peppered throughout to make a nice display, but they are not high on any list. However, I did find 3. Spider Miracle actually is a favorite. I love lots of green in a daylily and it has a great form and nice yellow. Siloam Amazing Grace is second for similar reasons, though a completely different form. Last is a no name that no photo has ever done justice to. It is a great blend of colors

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