Fast Growing Shade Tree Suggestion

ronaldo807August 8, 2012

I'm looking for another fast growing tree to plant in my backyard to provide shade. The area will get full sun. We already have a red maple back there that has grown very well, but I do like some variety. I would prefer something that doesn't have seeds or fruit that our dogs might eat. What trees would you suggest? Thanks for all the help.

I live in Jacksonville, FL.

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you might be able to get away with Eucalyptus cinerea there... the Silver dollar eucalyptus... they are very fast growing in full sun. I have one in Ocala that is doing pretty well.

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Live Oak

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Crape mertle, they are beautiful when in bloom and have a decent blooming cycle, come in a variety of colors, white, pink, lavender, raspberry, maybe more. Love mine.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

1) Evergreen or deciduous? Do you mind if it is bare in winter?
2) How big? Will 20-30 feet do it, or do you want a big ol' tree?

Carol in Jacksonville

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Thank you for the suggestions. I'm looking for a fast growing tree that is going to be similar in size to the red maple if not a little bit bigger. I don't want something that is going to be giant, but also not something that is going to be too small. I also don't have a preference on evergreen or deciduous.

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Just remember that Crepe Myrtles, although they are gorgeous, lose their blooms and seeds all over the place, very bad for sidewalks, or smooth surfaces. I know, I planted 3 of them right where our sidewalk is and they are a mess right now, especially with all the constant rainfall.

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