This is madness

pdsavage(5/6)August 5, 2012

I can't stop bidding on seeds.

It does not help that im also bidding on daylilies as well and im using the daylily auction and Ebay GAH!!!

One good thing is I don't allways win and I limit the amount I spend for each bid.

Do you think if I tell my husband "sorry Dear I didn't think I would win so many" will it work???

It does not help with everyone showing off their wonderfull Daylilies...

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shive(6b TN)

Gee that's exactly the line I gave my husband when all the boxes kept coming last spring. Unfortunately he's very indulgent, and that just makes the addiction worse.


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I tell my DH when he's working on the computer. I know he's not paying any attention then but then he doesn't pay attention when I talk daylilies at any time! Later he just pays up. LOL.

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Agree that it's a form of madness... I don't do the seeds, but I've had to force myself to stay off of Lily Auction in a vain attempt to avoid acquiring more plants. In addition to plants bought this spring, I still have a few that I bought last year that are still sitting in tubs of water!

Plant lust... that's what it is.

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I have three empty holes-and 6 (not counting bonus) coming in the mail any day. I succumed to a Maryott order to get the bonus Ruby Claire Mims. The neighbors have to wonder why I am continually planting and unplanting things.

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I have zillions of more seeds than I intend to plant, and still bought a couple of interesting crosses at the LA. I fully expected a negative response from my DH, but he didn't say a word. I guess he is used to me by now.


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It's just part of the addiction. We will rationalize if absolutely necessary, otherwise, acquire...again and again.


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