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gardengalrn(5KS)July 20, 2011

I have a mother load of fresh garlic that has cured in my back room for several weeks. I'm trying to think of some different ways to use it all and thought I would can/pickle some. Several recipes I have all call for white vinegar. Could cider vinegar be substituted without too much difference? I like cider vinegar better and have several gallons on hand or would just go get the white to use in this recipe.

Also, I looked at a garlic jelly recipe (also calls for white vinegar)that looks kinda good but what would you use garlic jelly for? Thanks, Lori

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You can always substitutes vinegars as long as they are 5% - some aren't, especially some of the niche vinegars. You will get a color and flavor change but safety isn't an issue.

Garlic jelly, like mint jelly, is often used as an accompaniment to meats and pasta dishes.


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Thanks Dave, I think I will try a few jars of pickled garlic tonight and see how I like it. I was reading another thread about garlic and think I will roast some with olive oil and freeze, that would be so handy for sauces and we use a LOT of garlic. I may even add some chopped to my bags of onions that I need to get done and freeze those as well. I'm happy, I have a plan ;) Lori

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I've heard the garlic jelly is good with cream cheese and crackers (like pepper jelly) or as a glaze on chicken. The Ball Blue Book has a basic recipe but when I googled it, I found a ton of variations. I'm hoping to have time to make some this week!

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Garlic will store well without any processing. Keep it in a dry, dark location, with good air circulation. BTW, I like garlic jam. Good on toast and biscuits too.


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Oh, I never thought I would say this but the smell of garlic and onions in the house is soooo strong and pungent that I'm almost sick to my stomach. I am not one who minds the smell, usually. I cut the stems from all my cured garlic, trimmed the roots. I roasted a pan and have it in the freezer in cube trays to put in baggies. Then, I decided I might as well prepare some onions and that sent me over the edge! Instead of chopping and freezing them, they are whole in gallon bags in the fridge. I just knew I couldn't take any more, LOL!. Lori

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You can dehydrate the garlic and then powder it. I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard it's much, much better than store bought garlic powder. What isn't?

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