Where to find Guaiac

SoJo314October 16, 2013

Can anyone tell me where I can buy dried Guaiac? I have a formula to treat arthritis that calls for Guaiac but I cannot find anywhere to purchase it.

Thank you!

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Do you need the wood? the resin? or what.

It's widely available in quantities of 1 Kilo and up from various manufacturers, but at $150+ per kilo for the purified compound.

sells it at 10Euros per 25 grams ... plus shipping and customs duties.

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Thank you Lazy Gardens for the info . . . I truly am unsure what type I need. The formula just calls for "Guaiac." I would assume I need the wood - in comparison to the other ingredients.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Just a helpful suggestion since it sounds as though you are new to herbs or these herbs...You may wish to read up on the herbs in your formula before taking. Herbs can have powerful effects and can interact with other herbs and medications. If you self-medicate with herbs, it is up to you to be educated and stay safe.


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Thanks for the heads up FataMorgana . . . yes . . . I have been researching and learning extensively.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Very good. :)

If using the internet, knowing and searching with botanical names versus common names can be very useful. I also suggest complementing your internet searches with info from herbal books. Having a few good volumes on your bookshelf is well worth the money if you use herbs.


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