Bought wrong plant... can you help me? :-)

scully931(6)October 18, 2009


I'm sure this will be an easy one for all you herb lovers!

Last summer I bought an herb that had red flowers. The hummingbirds loved it! I saved the tag and thought I bought the same thing this year... only no flowers.

Now, I did not take the tag with me to the nursery, I went on the name alone and my memory. (Because taking the tag would have been too easy. :-)

Here is the one I would like to buy again:

Can anyone help me for next year? I have no idea what I bought this year and now both tags are long gone.

Thank you!

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Difficult to tell from the pic, it might be Honeydew Melon sage. This won't bloom for me until well into autumn. I have to bring it in for the winter or treat it as an annual, as it won't overwinter in my zone 5 garden.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I agree with herbalbetty, i.e. it is difficult to tell from the photo. I think that it might be autumn sage salvia greggii, but I can't be sure. Does it have a square stem? Why don't you post this over on the Salvia Forum?

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Yes! I was laying in bed last night and thought "Salvia!" haha. But, honeydew melon sage sounds right too. Okaaaay... so, guessing those might be the same plant. Going to look it all up from your links. Thank you so much! :-)

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CA Kate

It looks like one of the small leaved Salvias to me too, and I'm thinking more on the lines of a greggii too.

If you're going to post this on the Salvia forum you will need a more close-up photo. A good site to see lots of beautiful photos of many Salvia's is Robins web page:

Here is a link that might be useful: Robin's website

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Yes, it is definately one of those. I searched through hundreds of my photos to try to find a better one. At any rate, it shouldn't be too awful hard to get next year. I don't believe the nursery sells too many varieties of salvia. I'll just be sure to take a list of the red ones. The links were very helpful. Thank you!

(Sorry I didn't post this in the salvia forum. Didn't see it there. I seldom venture from the cottage garden forum.) :-)

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