rau ram-- what happened?

merrybookwyrmOctober 26, 2010

I had a rau ram that was happily growing on the floor about a foot back from an overhung south-facing patio door. It was in the way of traffic, so I moved it to a wire rack, about three feet off the floor, next to the matching overhung south-facing window about nine feet away. In the same room. The leaves of the rau ram turned brown and crisped in short order.

The house temperatures run about 75F. There are air conditioning/heating vents that send air to each window. Maybe being off the floor put the plant too close to the air stream from the vents?

Does anyone have any ideas about what could have happened?

The remains of the plant are back in the traffic area leading out of the patio door. Don't know if it will survive.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Different air flow could make a plant dry out faster. Did you ever keep other plants in that location? How did they fare?


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Yes, other plants have grown there. And thank you for asking this question. The light, in concert with the air vent and the three foot height difference, may make the difference.

The plants that tolerated the wire rack window were the geranium, the violets, the vegetable seedlings, and the sedum. "Tolerated" because they didn't have enough sun.

The plants that didn't like the wire rack were the phalaenopsis orchids... too much sun.

The phalaenopsis orchids are over on the floor in the traffic area of the patio door... happily blooming out of season about 1 1/2 to 2 feet back from the door. The rau ram was happy in their vicinity. Sigh. I guess the rau ram stayed more evenly moist and got more indirect light in that window than I realized.

The ginger plants and lemon grass are going to have to come in soon. I wonder which window they'll tolerate most easily!

I have always thought of this room as the windy room, because the air moves so. But for some reason there is no breeze in the traffic area by the patio door. That could definitely have made a microclimate that is more humid and less drying around the patio door plants.

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Most likely the soil is drying up due to the air flow. Rau Ram thrives when grown in a wet and humid environment. Try covering it up with a clear bag. Make sure to put some small holes for air. It is like your very own little green house.

Good Luck,

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