wallisadiAugust 27, 2013

flea market find...Chinese croton

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Excoecaria cochinchinensis - not a Croton. This plant was somewhat rare years ago. Recently, it is showing up in big box stores. Keep it out of full sun, don't let a cold breeze get to it, and give it lots of water.

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'chinese croton' is a common name for it. being a plant nerd, i googled and got this:
The name for the genus comes from the Latin word 'ex-caeco' (excæco) meaning "to blind" or "make blind" in reference to the sap of species in the genus that has been reported to cause temporary blindness. The specific epithet derives from the word Cochinchina, an old name for Vietnam and was given to the plant in 1790 by Portuguese Jesuit missionary and botanist João de Loureiro in his Flora Cochinchinensis. Other common names include Blindness Tree, Buta Buta and Jungle Fire Plant.
now, just need to google how to pronounce it!

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