Your Favorite Pinks

maximus7116(MI)August 13, 2014

If we're still interested, I'm moving on to everyone's favorite pinks. These should include medium to light pinks (with darker pinks and roses in my previous thread).

My picks:

ROYAL PINK TWIST hasn't been very prolific, but I'm blaming that on its spot in the garden. It definitely gets moved next year:

JULIANNA LYNN has an average bud count here, but the blooms are nearly always perfect:

I'm including two pinks that didn't even bloom this year, but have performed well in the past. PINK COTTON CANDY:


HALF MOON KEY is the pink with the best bud count here and great plant habits:

Please share yours.


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Brad KY(6b)

Here's my favorite light pinks. Not my favorite category, but I really like these. They all bloom well, have nice shapes, coloring. Pink Lantis is apparently unregistered, but a friend of mine bought it in the late 80's at daylily show.

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I have some pale pinks I like.

Pink Gingham is the soft rosy pink you can hardly find:


Cio Cio San:

Noel Weston:

Dil Robin Nichols:


I didn't put some in, but I'm way over anyway, and I have a lot of pinks I really like


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Nancy zone 6

Some really beautiful pinks being shown!
Love San Ignatio that blooms for a long time

Beautiful Jealous Eyes didn't bloom so well this year. I divided it last year & it sulked a bit. Still nice, just didn't bloom so long\

Ed Brown is a lovely flower, but really slow to increase.

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My favorite pink was almost tied for longest bloom period, right at 9 1/2 weeks, this is Jolyene Nichole:

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

My favorite pink is PEARLFISHER PINK but, sorry I cant post it with this sorry computer and windows 8 today. don't understand why some days I can and other times,I can not. every time I try it automatically takes me to HP photos or some other site,and I can not post them from there,even if I find my photos there.


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Lovely daylilies, everyone!

Like I said about dark pinks, I don't have many pinks. My favorites here among my limited collection of pinks:

EXTEMPORANEOUS VIRTUES (Hanson 07). Supposed to be a soft pink orchid blend, but I don't see even a smidge of orchid in this cool weather. Soft, pure pink. Beautiful. Here are images I found online in an interesting blog about daylililes:

DAY OF MAGIC (Polston 2006). I did not care for it at all last summer, as it was very mauve-y, and I don't much like mauve. This summer is another story. It is a gorgeous pink without any muddy tones. The database image is a tad darker than what I grow, but it's pretty close: of Magic

REPEATED DISCOVERY (Norris 2012. Still settling in I think, as its bud count and branching could be better. But every bloom was perfect.: Discovery

JEAN PINK REMEMBERED (Kulpa 2004). DId I list this one as a favorite lavender? Cool weather these days, and it's a pale pink. So today, it's a favorite pink, and far prettier than this image. Pink Remembered

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alameda/zone 8

Blue Pink Beauty

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Pat(6b northern VA)

I love seeing Pink Aloha each year.

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juliet11(z7 MD)

My favorite pink is Wild Cherry Wine, which is a true pink without any orange tones.

Wild Cherry Wine

Some of my other favorite pinks are:

Ah Youth (a dependable performer, but has some peach tones)

Florida Snow Angel

Siloam Little Sister (cute dependable mini, a bit peach)

Party Pinafore (is doing great for me this year, but often has spring sickness)

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Terrific pinks! I almost posted Wild Cherry Wine, but I just got it last year and haven't seen it at its full potential yet.

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Elegant Candy is a very good pink. I moved it this spring and though it still had quite a bit of blooms they were so small. I especially like how it looks in the morning.
So my other picks:
Tim Kornder first year blooming but I love this color!

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Another one I like is a barely there pink - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Nice flowers and it's reblooming this year for me (still has buds)

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Forsyth Frostbound - not a prolific bloomer, not bad either, but I just love the coloring

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Another favorite is Wren's Song. I like big flowers, first scapes are tall (when reblooms shorter). It could have spots easily though, I suppose from dew. because it opens very early

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Oh, and this one - Siloam Double Classic

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shive(6b TN)

Nat - Your Forsyth Frostbound made a pretty clump this year. Mine had very few buds and did not make a showy clump like it has the past two years.

My very favorite pink didn't have many buds and the scapes were less than 20 inches high, but it did have two cycles of rebloom.


CAREFREE SUNSET. a coral rose, had its best season in several years. It finally gained the registered 28 inch scapes, and in a year when most of my Stamile pinks had less than 10 buds, it had 18. Every bloom was a nice one, too!

WILLOW DEAN SMITH had shorter scapes in the past, but it was one of the nicest clumps in the garden. This is registered as pink, but usually looks more lavender than pink in my climate.

My favorite pink UF was SUGAR MAGNOLIA, which bloomed for five weeks. When nights were cool, it looked like this.

When temps are hotter, the petals looked lighter:

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2 cycles, wow. And it is so very pretty!

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Maryl zone 7a

I've fallen in love with pink daylilies over the years. I lost Pink Aloha last winter which was a heartbreaker. It is a beauty...... Jolyene Nichole is an oldie that I really hadn't seen any pictures of, and it turns out to be so pretty.....Wild Cherry Wine is on my short list, so I've already been enabled on that one.........I can't pick a favorite here though. I'd take every one of them, and include a couple more of my own: Leslie Renee and Yesterday Memories.........Maryl

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My favourite light pink is my own seedling Belle of Ashwood x Belle Cook #5. Once it clumps up I will register it. For now I am having fun thinking up names.

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Maryl zone 7a

Ooh! I like that seedling. I hope you name it something femine cause that's a girlie girl pink in my book. Nice job Edward.........Maryl

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I know this thread is getting old so I hope I'm not too late to the party. These are my top pinks.

GENTLE ROSE, a very prolific bloomer here, hardy and healthy

JOLYENE NICHOLE, an oldie but goodie....never fails me


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