"ever fruiting" lemons or limes

MuscledBear(10a)August 31, 2012


I am wondering if any lemon or lime varieties down here in Florida produce multiple crops a year. Looking for varieties such as Meyers which does well in a pot.

I had to give my lemon tree and my Key lime to a friend when I moved down here to St Pete. Just did not have the room to put them on the truck.

I could almost always get two sets of flowers a year, I believe that is not normal, and was likely a result of the day length and climate i was giving them.

Thoughts? or is it now that i can grow them outside, I am stuck with a single crop a year? (I will say the lemons up north never got to full size, though they ripened.. and maybe that is why I was able to get multiple crops a year)

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The Persion lime and the meyer lemon are ever bearing. I grow both in a pot. ;o)

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Thanks! great to know. So, my Meyers up north wasn't a fluke after all :-)

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Muscled, I bought a meyer a short time ago and was told it was ever bearing but no mention of it having to stay in a pot. I'll let you know though because I just put it in the ground this morning. It currently has fruit on it, so I will keep watch.

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The pot is for me. I am renting now, and will likely rent for another year or two. (lost a lot of money and credit score on a short sale of a house in PA.. ugggg)

Anyway, i don't mind planting plants in the ground I can propagate or take with me later, but the trees I'd like to keep in pots so when I do move, I can take them with me.

I'm going to try to get the lemon within the next month. and the lime in late winter. I have had success with Meyer lemons up north, and based on what people have said so far, I'll just stick to that down here.

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I think the Meyer lime can be grown either in the ground or in a pot. I just choose a pot and it's been in one for about 4 years now, along with the Persion lime and a Sambo lemon. :o)

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