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MuscledBear(10a)August 18, 2012

Hi all:

Fairly new to St Pete, been here about 6 months, and a new member to GardenWeb. Been an avid gardener for the 42 years out of my 47. Always been into odd and unusual plants and tropicals and having lived most of my life near the Canadian border, it has been wonderful to live in a zone 10a.

I expected to find a lot of small or specialized nurseries when I moved down here and have as yet not found them. Was in total heaven for the Green Thumb festival last April, but would like to find some local business to check out. I am looking for any suggestions in the Tampa Bay / Brandon area.

Any suggestions?

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Willow Tree-great
Wilcox -the farthest away from you in the Indian Rocks area, but they are so nice and helpful. Also they have the best source of Florida natives
Jene's Tropicals
Country Club

These are my main haunts when I'm not in the Lowes clearance section :)

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Besides Dolans and Willow tree Neeld Gordon on 13th Ave near 20th St. usually has articles and plants priced below most others. Willow Tree, in all probability, has the greatest selection of all though. Dolans has ordered for me things they don't stock. Impossible to go wrong with any of these three. I know nothing of the others mentioned except Loews however I try to buy from the smaller individual businessman whenever possible. Let's keep these smaller places in business, they need it, America needs it.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Carroll's on 38th Ave N, near 49th St.

(not sure if that's the correct spelling)

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There are 3 on Haines Road No., Gulf Coast just past 16 st.No., Esmeralda's at abt. 60 Av.No., and my fav. Kathie's Korner at 61 Av.No. just south of 62 av. No., a biggie , run by a great couple and they carry Orchids for $6.!!! can't beat that, I'm into Orchids now in a big way... another Orchid expert is Michael Polin at Art Stone, on Tyrone abt. 36 av., in the stone fountain place, he comes down to Sunken Gardens every month and does presentations on Orchid care...if you haven't been to Sunken Gardens what are you waiting for?? There are 2 nurseries out Central av, by Pasadena av., one is mostly fruit trees and the other kitty-corner is decorative plants & flowers, etc. can't think of the name.. Jene's Tropicals? Also a Twigs and Leaves near 2 av. and abt. 31 st. S., I'm not sure abt. these addresses, maybe somebody else can be more accurate??.... sally

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theoj(Z9 FL)

Willow Tree is a favorite usual garden center. For different and unusual plants, it is Hazel's at 5063 Dartmouth, phone 717-321-3499. This is an unusual business. I've gone there 25 years and it was old then, new owners now. I suggest you call first. A really large area but no building. The owner walks around with you and answers questions. He/She really loves plants and has many that they won't sell and they keep to propagate, don't like to part with them. This is really a fun place to go. Plants you won't find anywhere else. In St Pete, we have a Rare Plant Network/Club you might like, and we occasionally take field trips to Hazel's. Incidentally the owner is not named Hazel, I think that was his mother's name.

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theo, where does this Rare Plant Network/Club meet up? I'm in S. St Pete, sounds like fun.

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theoj(Z9 FL)

St Pete Gardener, did you get the message I sent, if not, I'll send it again.

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Hi All. THANKS for the Great suggestions! I have been to Sunken Gardens and have an annual pass there. (My grandparents used to live in Dunedin and I couldn't wait to get there every year, now I live 20 blocks away) I would also be interested in the rare plant network.

I did bring some stuff down with me, and I've been starting some stuff from seed and cuttings as i get them, as well as propagating some of my own plants for doing swapping once i get a bit more settled.

I've Grown tropicals all my life up mostly up far north, so indoors and under lights. Living in a 10a zone is a dream and I am trying not to overboard too soon. :@) But a little overboard is ok. lol

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Theo, didn't get the message, thanks.

Muscle bear, make sure to post pictures when you get all set up ;)

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