Wintering potted lavender, under 1 year

lalibellule(7)October 21, 2006

I threw some lavender seeds (angustifolia, they're "lady") in a pot much later than the seed packet recommended this year. It was probably May-ish. One of them sprouted and is now a scraggly little plant (I failed to properly pinch the longest branch). It's been living on my balcony its entire life, but I yanked it indoors at the first freeze warning, because I wasn't sure whether it was ready for that. The weather has since warmed up again, and the un-pinched branch has decided to put out a bud that I just noticed today. I'm not really sure what to do with it at this point. I'd love to see it bloom, but I'm afraid it's going to turn cold again. Should I... bring it inside for its first winter, since I didn't plant it early enough? leave it on the balcony and let it do its thing? pinch off (gasp, but I'll do it if I have to) its first ever bud? I'd like to see it survive, although I won't cry if it doesn't, as I could just start over and sow at the right time next year.

- Lali

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I believe it would have been just fine outside. Roots would have been well established enough for wintering if they were up since May :D
I've never seen a Lavender seedling that needed pinched unless it wasn't recieving enough light, ie: started indoors. My "Munstead" plants had babies popping up this year and all the babies are well branched and compact with no help from me :D
Were you fertilizing it? What was the sun situation?


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I'll leave it on the balcony then, let it try to bloom if it wants to, and await the cold. =)
I'm not sure why it started out scraggly (I'm sure it's my fault somehow). It's an east-facing balcony, and right now its spot is still getting at least seven hours (it's the sunniest spot I've got). I did fertilize, since it's just in a pot of garden soil (when it's time to repot, I'll mix it something better). It just grew one long shoot, probably for months, and then decided to branch all of a sudden. Not a big problem, though; if it lives until spring, I can prune it back a bit.
Thanks for the advice!

- Lali

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I too have about 30 newly sprouted babies - probably a year old. ALL of them grew in that straggly way.

They are in black sale pots, and I too was also wondering if they would survive out on the deck over the winter.

Here's a question I can't answer -- my deck is covered, and I usually do not water at all any plant overwintering out there. Like Hosta and Solomon Seal because they go dormant.

Should I put the lavender where it can get rained on, or is it ok to not water it all winter as well?

I took three bigger lavender starts indoors as they are very valuable (Grosso, 3 yrs. old), and they are doing fine right next to the window, even putting on new growth. I think I'll keep them indoors and see how they do all winter.

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They should be just fine outdoors in your zone...Lavender can be left in containers in my zone! If your worried bury the pot.
As for the scawnyness (is that a word!!? LOL) I don't know what to say... if they are getting enough sun that shouldn't happen. Give them a pinch in spring just above new growth on the main terminal stem. I definatley wouldn't plant ANYTHING in a container filled with garden's just much too heavy and often drains poorly, holding much to much water.


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I have just brought in a 1 year old lavendar bush that has been living outside in a terra cotta pot and doing GREAT!! Was told winter would kill it because it was in a pot. It is now in a sunny window and I plan to water sparingly.ANYBODY KNOW ABOUT THIS SITUATION? WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF SUCCESS??

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Yeah, the garden soil was a newbie mistake, but the indoor oxalis and the outdoor, perpetually ignored, unloved poinsettia still seem fine. The lavender I think is all right because it's very small in a large pot (again, this was an experiment I expected to fail) and thus not sitting in water. I'll fix it when I repot.
I may actually have cause to trim that main terminal stem this winter: it's still marching slowly toward flowering. We've had an unseasonably warm week, but it's supposed to get cold again this weekend, so we'll see. I'm leaving it outside as advised and hoping for the best. It's been a tough little guy so far, considering the terrible things I've done to it.

- Lali

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Not sure what a zone is. I'm located in Myrtle Beach SC, my balcony is on the second floor, open, and faces in between North and East. Getting I think a little morning sun. My lavender along with my rosemary, & aloe are doing great... my lavender is in a pot, I used potting soil, my leaves are starting to loose the lustrous look, and at the base they are dying off. Am I suppose to pull of the leaves, or break off branches, or prune it in some way to keep my plant full and lively? It doesn't look sick or like its dying, but I feel as though there might be something i can do to improve and/or extend its vibrant bushiness. What is the best way if I want to take from the bush to use it's leaves ? For winter should I bring it in If I don't have windows that it can sit in? Do I leave it out? Is there a way I need to treat it during the winter? Thank you-

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