Tomatoes: what is your goal?

DestlsJuly 20, 2012

how much is everyone planning on canning this yr?

hopefully i'll be able to can:

Tomato Sauce: 9 half-pints, 7 quarts

Tomatoes (Whole): 3 pints, 3 quarts

Annies Salsa: 12 pints

Pizza Sauce: 9 half-pints

Spaghetti Sauce: 12 pints, 12 quarts

Rotel style tomatoes: 9 half-pints

Chili Sauce (for sloppy joes): 9 pints

BBQ Sauce: 3 pints, 6 4oz jars

This is for a family of 2 soon to be 3 :D

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54 pints diced
54 pints sauce
35 pints spaghetti sauce
35 pints salsa

family of 2 -4

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^^^ If I want to have enough to last through the winter, at least 72 pints of tomato sauce + another 72 spaghetti sauce. I'll go through at least 24 of each when my family, kids and grand-kids 'invade' my house during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week alone !

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I plan on doing torn, whole, tomato juice, ketchup, regular sauce, spaghetti sauce, Beyond Hot Salsa (from a book of mine), Charred Salsa (from another book of mine), Chipotle BBQ sauce, & Peach BBQ sauce. I know I'll only make 4 pints each of the BBQ sauces & prolly the ketchup too...but the others, it depends on how much time I have...


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