What to do with Vietnamese Coriander/Cilantro(Rau Ram)?

HighlanderNorthOctober 9, 2011

In early June, I stopped by a garden center and found this interesting Vietnamese Cilantro(Coriander) called Rau Ram, and I bought it. It was already a good sized plant, about 16" tall with 8 or so stems. It doesnt look anything like common Cilantro though..... It has 3"-5" long, 1/2" - 1" wide pointed leaves, but it tastes and smells just like Cilantro.

It didnt grow at all for the first 3 months, and we had extremely hot and dry weather for the first 2 months. Being from Vietnam, it obviously needed lots of water, or it would wilt almost immediately. I watered it and everything else every 1-2 days if it wasn't raining, but it still would wilt if dry for only a short time.

But in September, it finally began to grow, and it grew to about 2 - 2.5 times it's original size.

It is an annual, and will need to be pulled up in about 3 weeks or so, once frost starts. But being from Vietnam, maybe it's only an annual here, but will continue to grow if I pot it and bring it inside. HMMM?

But when I decide to pick all the leaves, what do I do with them? I cannot use them all at once..... I did try to dry some in the kitchen for a few days, but they seem to have lost much of their scent and some flavor, so maybe drying isn't the best idea.........

What would YOU do with them? Remember, they are not like regular Cilantro, and do not have the type of leaves that regular cilantro has......

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See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: rau ram

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