All purpose fertilizer?

echobellyAugust 27, 2011

Can anyone recommend an all-purpose fertilizer that will cover most of my plants needs? I'm getting a little overwhelmed trying to keep track of which plants need which fertilizer, and how often. I feel like I need a spread-sheet. I enjoy gardening, I don't enjoy spread-sheets! I understand different plants have different needs, but there must be something that will cover most of them. I've got a lot of palms, so I have palm fertilizer, meyer lemen, mango, star fruit, bamboo, lots of elephants ears, gardenias, hibiscus, ferns, elderberrys and lots of flowering vines. Other than the palms and gardenias, most are new plants. All planting holes were amended with compost and everything's mulched. Even if I could narrow it down to 2 or 3 different fertilizers, that would help.

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I like to use osmocote, but alas that is nowhere to be found here. If you only want to get one fertilizers for all of those plants get a balanced 6-6-6 fertilizer and apply it whenever you remember to. Mostly likely they will live and be fine. If you want them to thrive at their optimal best then also get some palm fertilizer, citrus fertilizer, acid loving fertilizer and apply at the recommended rates and times.

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I have had good luck with the Wal-Mart brand. It comes in several formulations, and supposedly lasts 6 months. It's called "Expert" brand. My favorite is the Bloom and Vegetable, which is a 17-17-17 formula. I apply it once in March and supplement with a soluble that has minors every three months. For in-ground plants, I use citrus fertilizer on everything, because it has minor elements. The cheap Wal-Mart fertilizer used to have minors, but not anymore. The Citrus fertilizer is slow-release for 3 months. You can supplement with a high-nitrogen if you want more growth.

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Have you researched on Google or the U of Fla. web-sites as to what your plants require ? some are acid-lovers and some are not, and may need different levels of Nitrogen, etc. Then you can narrow it down to maybe 2-3 basic fertilizers....and perhaps a supplement... I myself do not use Chemical or granular ferts., I use strictly Organic and put them on most everything... Milorganite, Black Kow, Black Hen, Fish Emulsion, Alfalfa Pellets, compost, etc. and potted plants get Osmocote.... here in Pinellas it will go back on the market after Sept. 30, along with other fertilizers, due to the Ban on ferts. that get into the Bay and cause algae-bloom.... sally

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sumala(9 fl)

echobelly, I also got tired of having a dozen different plant foods on hand so I switched to a balanced x-x-x (not exceeding 10) and jungle mulch or hay. My jungle mulch is whatever leaves, twigs etc that I scrape up around here. When I fertilize with the 3x stuff, I just sprinkle it on top of the mulch and let it wash thru.

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The standard fertilizer, recommended by IFAS, is 12-6-8 with minors. Available at Bushel Stop under the Lesco brand and others.

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