thinning daylilies question

Brad KY(6b)August 23, 2014

I have 4 or 5 varieties that don't ever seem to need thinning as they don't multiply very fast. It has been 5 years since I got them. Would you go ahead and at least dig them up and replant what is there so they will at least have fresh dirt?

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I have a number of daylilies, planted around trees, that did not bloom this year.....not sure if affected by lack of sufficient Sun or if they are overcrowded.

After digging them up do I need to replant right away or can I hold over some until spring?

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Nancy zone 6

Brad, I'm not an expert, but if they are blooming well, I would leave them alone. Some daylilies just don't multiply as fast as others. If they aren't blooming very well, you might move them or dig them up & add some compost to the soil
Most daylilies don't bloom well in shade, and trees can sap nutrients from the soil too. You need to replant the daylilies, unless you plan to pot them up til spring. I don't do well potting up daylilies, I think I tend to overwater, but I know lots of people on this forum do quite successfully.

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