Basil help!

kissingfrogs2003October 4, 2011

I am having trouble with my basil after several attempts in several locations and states. I've finally discovered the problem may be me, so thought I�d turn to the experts :)

I am just not sure when to start pinching leaves! I have a big problem with my basil getting taller but not wider AND turning woody and flowering. I have new seedlings with just one set of leaves so I want to start this batch out right! How many leaves should there be before I pinch AND do I pinch from tops/side/where?!?!

Here are some pics of various basil attempts to give an idea of what I am talking about. (note: all these containers now have just one plant in each after getting feedback in another forum about them being too crowded)

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Your link.

Whenever you want to put some basil in your food, pick off as many leaves as you need. The more you pick the leaves, the more bushy it will get. Your plants look great and ready to get very bushy.

For the babies, this plant looks ready to have the tiny new set of emerging leaves pinched.

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OH! I should clarify... These are old plants. Mine are brand new seedlings now (no pics). Just using these photos in case they help others to figure out where I am going wrong...

The ones in the photos actually never got bushy (hence the question)...they got wilty, flowered, and brown/black spotted leaves :(

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