Indoor Marjoram Plant Dying

sharon1965(4B)October 13, 2013

Hello. It was doing well until a week ago. It started to turn brown on one side and is nearly dead. I transplanted it to a bigger pot.
I've been careful about overwatering. Except: I have a water softener, and I may have used it to water by accident. I can't remember. I use bottled water for all my plants because of the softener

I wait until it's nearly dry and soak it. It's gets about 4-5 hours of sunlight in the kitchen window.

This happened very quickly too! It was doing well, and I've had it for months.

What can I do to salvage it? It's not completely gone yet.

There is scant information Marjoram plants withering away. It's weird and annoying. :P
Thank you.

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Marjoram really needs to be outdoors as it needs a lot of light but I realise you are in a cold zone. Do you have somewhere brighter to put it? And not too warm?

Trying to grow any of the Mediterranean herbs indoors, even in summer is always going to be a very tall order. They need light, light and more light. Plus fresh air and sharp drainage.

Could you post a picture?

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Hi Florauk. No I can't. Sorry! Yes, I think I can find some brighter spot, not too warm. If I need to, I'll put it under my fluorescent lights I use for seed starting.

The fresh air is no problem, but now I realize the drainage wasn't too good. My Rosemary started to brown off and I to transplant it yesterday too.

No, don't tell me they're hard to grow. :) They've been doing so well. I love the Mediterranean family.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

My experience with marjoram is that it is not a long lived plant.

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Well it died, as did my Rosemary plant.
The funeral is Monday, you're all welcome to come.

:( Darn it!! They were doing great too.

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