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kawaiineko_gardener(5a)October 28, 2011

This post is for future reference. I know growing the hot weather herbs will be more challenging and/or impossible due to where I'm located, and short growing season.

All the herbs grown will be for culinary use as stated above. It will also be a container garden herb patch.

I've divided the herbs into two categories; cool weather, hot weather. However, not sure if I'm correct with the lists I've provided, so please clarify for verification.

Cool (spring, fall, and winter where climates are mild):










Hot (summer)






The main questions I have are.....

Of the herbs listed above, which require light to germinate and should be shown thinly and shallowly (with soil depth).

Which are difficult to start from seed? How can I make them germinate fast? Which of the herbs listed require light for germination, and should be sown shallowly w/soil depth?

I'm a bit puzzled about lavender and rosemary. They like hot weather, lots of sun, and dry soil, but it's harder to grow them in southern climates.

Regarding the cumin, I know it's annual, but I plan to grow for the seeds; so will it take longer to get a harvest as a result?

The one herb not listed that I'd like to grow is anise and it's because I have no clue what type temperature it likes. Like with the cumin, it's an annual, but I'd be growing it for the seeds so same question I have for cumin, I have for anise too.

Last but not least, I'm looking for a special soil mixture for rosemary and lavender, because I know they hate wet feet. All the sites for growing them say use a sandy soil, but this is extremely vague. As they're to be grown in containers, it needs to be a soilless mixture; tried using regular soil for container gardening, it was a disaster.

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I have grown lots of rosemary from cuttings using Miracle Gro potting mix. Actually I use this mix for all my seed starting and have had pretty good results. It is a mix and does not have soil, I think.

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