Cat's Claw Vine Eradication

msulli2472August 24, 2009

I live in Brandon Fl and it seems like I have a large amount of Cat's Claw Vine growing on my shrubs. Is there any way to kill the vine without killing the planting it is growing on?

What I have been doing is cutting the vine off at the base of the shrub that it is growing on leaving about eight to twelve inches of the vine. I then spray the above ground portion of the vine with Bayer Advanced Brush Killer. This is a very slow process and I don't think the Bayer will actually kill the roots of the vine. Is there something else I can do or is there another product to use?

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Here's the information you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: cat's claw vine

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johnjsr(9A DeLand)

Immediately after you cut them off, paint the cuts with undiluted brush killer.

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We have been fighting a terrible infestation of cat's claw for a year in an old house we bought in downtown Orlando. The house was surrounded on three sides by 12 ft tall legustrum, all covered in cat's claw. Most of that legustrum could not be saved, as the cat's claw had choked it and the wood had begun to rot. We have had to cut down the trees and dig out the bulbs of the cat's claw root. No chemical has worked at all, not brush killer or Round Up or anything else. Aside from laboriously digging out the bulbs by hand, the only thing that has worked is SALT. Yes, salt. We have entire patches of yard that are now nothing but dirt after we cut down legustrum, dug out bulbs, then put down bags of pool salt. Finally, we covered those patches with heavy duty weed barrier. We will wait a little longer and then eventually plant some salt tolerant plants (sea grape for one) there.

I know this sounds dramatic, but nothing worked and there was no sense trying to save what was dead or plant something new before we had eradicated the vine.

There are some legustrum that were not totally dead. In those cases, we've just kept the vines clipped down to the ground or pull them out. The key is to deprive them of sunlight so that the bulbs weaken. Every week when my husband weed eats the yard, he is sure to weed eat the vines around the legustrum. We don't bother with any of the chemicals any more; they are bad for us and do absolutely nothing to the vine. All the advice we have received from plant people is to just keep pulling and deprive the bulbs of sunlight, so that is what we are doing.

These cat's claw vines are the bane of my existence. We came here from Ohio a year ago and I had never seen anything like this before!


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