dieing basil

hope4serenityOctober 16, 2011

so i have three basil plants i bought as small seedlings in February. we have very mild winter and wicked hot summers, up into the 120s. my basil was doing very well, i kept clipping the buds to have bigger bushier plants like i have always done.i have 4 foot raised planter due to my disability. oh my three plants, now 2 foot tall the middle has died completely and the right one is starting to, dried brown leaves. we clip often to use in cooking and they survived the worst of summer like troopers,but in the last week, only on the 90'sive lost one now i fear for the second. i have never experienced this, what should i do? here are pictures:

middle dead with healthy one on left:

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Hi, I'm not really good at basil, in fact I tend to need help every so often, but I'd still like to help. You see, 2 of my basil plants died as well, but 1 of them didn't look dead completely. So my friend decided to water my basil cause I'm not good at it. I noticed that it got revived except one part of it. So I suppose you're underwatering it? That's just my guess

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Basil is an annual. Could be that the 90 degree temperatures were too much for it given its older age.


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hmmmm well the one on the left is still going strong, so i should clip it and freeze some before it goes too. i have a lot dried already. im going to miss my fresh basil. whats the lowest temp that basil can withstand? our winters are 50 on the max low end, should i try planting new seedling for the winter?

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