What Herb Is Good for Blood Circulation?

jihanemoOctober 6, 2009

I've been having chest pains (near or IN my heart - not sure which) lately and pains in my arms and legs. It feels as if my veins are clogged (or arteries)? I'm not sure if blood is circulating all the way through my body. I get sharp pains in my hands and arms, and lately, around the front of my legs (shins) and around my ankles. At night, if I lay on one side too long, the arm I'm laying on gets tingly and numb as if the blood circulation was cut off for an hour or so. I'm wondering if there is a problem w/ my blood circulation. Is there an herb I can take for this? Or a type of food that will help this?

A little of my medical history: The only meat I've been eating is chicken, about once a week. I don't eat a lot of fatty foods, I don't have caffeine. But I had hyperthyroidism for almost 10 years.

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CA Kate

Skip the herbs and make haste to the doctor... maybe even an emergency room!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I have to agree, please see a doctor. Find out what is wrong. It sounds serious and potentially life-threatening.

Down the road after you know what is wrong and your immediate problems have been addressed, you can possibly look for the right healthy foods, herbs, activities, and lifestyle choices that may help you.


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I fully agree.
First off, take some aspirin rightaway and make an appointment to see a medical doctor.
How can one describe a near heart attack symptoms and not seeke a medical examination and treatment.
Blood circulation herbs are for normal people and not a medication for severe condition.

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Get thee to a doctor - or preferably a hospital - ASAP.

There are many herbs which help with blood circulation, but none of them will be an instant fix in an acute situation like the one you're in!

Hyperthyroidism cannot be cured, though sufferers can sometimes (like you) go into remission. Your condition may well have returned, giving you these symptoms. They are LIFE-THREATENING! You could well by thyro-toxic.

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The tingling and numbing sometimes is a symptom of stroke, I would take myself to the doctor as soon as possible. You can apply castor oil on the body for better circulation, but that's not going to cure a stroke.

An herbal cure is only a food, not a medicine, it's most value is in it's vitamin content, although some can help, it's a medicine.

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I meant it's not a cure, a typo above!

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