Winter care of Chamomile

midnight51October 10, 2009

I think I may have trimmed my Chamomile garden too early - I now have a huge patch of new Chamomile seedlings where I trimmed the old down to about 6". Did I trim too early in the season? Will the plant still reseed next year or should I cover with mulch now?

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Don't worry about chamomile midnight. It should be just fine. I'm in zone 5 and chamomile comes back with a vigor, even if it is coming up now. It really wants to grow and loves the cool weather.

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Great - that is reassuring. I am zone 5 also - should I still cover lightly with a bit of mulch for winter cover or is this unnecessary?


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I never mulch mine.

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German or Roman? One is an annual but if you have it there are probably enough seeds left to come up next year.

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