Favorite potpourri blends

lavender_lass(4b)October 12, 2009

I'm asking for ideas on potpourri blends. I'd like to have suggestions for kitchen, bath and living spaces, but mainly I'm looking for something for the bedroom.

Having just redecorated the master bedroom (kind of a casual Victorian if that's possible) I'd like to have some potpourri in a cut glass bowl. The room has rich colors, but mainly solids with a few damask accessories. It's pretty masculine, but the accents, like the cut crystal should be more feminine. Would love to have ideas...I like roses, but am open to suggestions.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

My favorite potpourri does not have any culinary herbal ingredients, believe it or not. I stick numerous cloves in a number of kumquats, and roll them in powdered cinnamon and store them until they've dried out a bit. I add some pretty cones of balsam, as well as a few of the Southern conifers (such as Pond Cypress, Bald Cypress, Deodar Cedar, and others. They are all quite small. The Deodar cones have a wonderful natural fragrance. I also use dried orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves.

For extra citrus scent, I'll sprinkle on a good orange essential oil.

The fragrance is gentle and subtle and the potpourri is very visually appealing. To my eye, at least.

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I saw your thread on the Herbalism forum and had to come over here as I love making my own potpourri. I can't stand the smell of the synthetic stuff!

I've dried all sorts of flowers, herbs, and leaves for potpourri. My DH made screens with wood frames so I can do quite a bit at a time. However it also works if you just lay the flower petals on a towel on a tray. You may have to stir them so they dry evenly. I've used many of my culinary herbs as well as different flowers. It's best to take the petals off except with small flowers. You could also cut the stems long, tie them together, and hang them to dry.

The color of flowers can change quite a bit when dried. Red roses darken when dry but are still attractive. Yellow roses darken a lot. Calendula stays bright orange. I like my little Johnny-Jump-Ups as the color stays nice.

A few years ago I did a lot and sold bags of it.

Rose petals and lavender are my fav scents for our bedroom.

Lemon scented herbs are nice in the kitchen.

I use essential oils for scent as well as cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, and cloves. Small pine cones and poppy pods are other materials to use for interest. You might also look for other pods with interesting shapes. Even if they don't have scent they add texture and absorb essential oils.

Another way to scent your home naturally is with citrus pomander balls. I've used oranges and lemons and just stick lots of cloves in them in a design. Roll in ground cinnamon and dry on a cake rack, turning daily. Some people use a fixative such as orris root but I don't. I like to do these before Christmas.

I've also made wreaths with fresh stems of botanicals. I just wove and wrapped them around a wire coat hanger shaped in a heart or round shape. When dry they are fragile but last awhile.

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I like the idea of sticking cloves into fruit and rolling them in cinnamon...sounds nice!

Luckygal- Rose petal and lavender sound nice. Red roses get darker, what about pink roses? I love Johnny-Jump-Ups too, they're so cheerful.

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Lavender lass, the pink roses I used just became a beige color. That doesn't bother me, when I arrange potpourri I use the nicest pieces on top.

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