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Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)January 23, 2014

Just now I explored the "hosta search" feature at the MYHOSTAS.BE website.

I fed in the field I wanted searched: description
I fed in the parameter : contains
I fed in the term: fragrant

Originally I intended to simply test my understanding of what results would appear. But now I am intrigued. Why? Because I found a whole new list to explore for my very favorite hosta characteristic, fragrance.

The 2nd from the top was ALL JAZZED UP.
Has anyone ever heard of it? I'm curious. Loleta Powell registered it in 2000 as a sport of Snowcrust, another one I've never heard of. If it is a sport and it is fragrant, then Snowcrust is fragrant too.

Wow, this should keep me busy for the rest of the winter.
Thought I'd mention it here, in case any of youse guys have some idle time to spend browsing.

Here is a link that might be useful: MyHostas.be search info

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Wow, Moc! That could keep me busy for a year! The trouble is one can find a zillion more Hostaa to love! For instance one called 'Snake Eyes" for starters. Then the problem is finding out if it is available and there goes my budget!!!! But it will help me get thru' the winter, anyway!!!

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Moc, Thanks for the info. I'm going stir crazy here with the cold weather. No snow but too cold to go traipsing about ,but did stop in a couple of thrift stores looking for either nice ceramic pots or "garden art".
This will keep me occupied for getting more plants on my wish list. Getting a book from our Hosta Society with lists of Hostas, where to get them and approximate cost. Should get it in Feb. I'll send the info when I get it.

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bkay2000(8a TX)


I think I found it.

Powells Garden
9468 U.S. Hwy. 70
Princeton, NC 27569
Phone: (919)936-4421

They don't have a website, though.

I tried calling, but it's past business hours there.

A couple of bad reviews on Dave's garden, but they are really old.


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MORE fragrants? Oh man, here we go all over again. I don't even have all the ones I KNOW about yet.

Don B.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I think I talked to Ms. Powell. She sounds quite elderly. She no longer has it. She pulled out her hosta finder and pointed me to two sources: Van Wade and American Hosta and Daylilly. I can't find American Hosta and Daylilly. She also told me that if I got from Wade, it would be beautiful, large and healthy.

Now, I have to quit playing and go to work.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I don't believe All Jazzed Up is fragrant. Check Snow Crust (not Snowcrust) on the Library. Snow Crust is a sport of Elata. Elata is an old montana type. It's not fragrant. I woudn't fully trust search features on myhostas.db

Just to further confuse the matter. Van Wade lists All Jazzed Up as a hybrid from Dorothy Benedict x Green Piecrust. No fragrance there.

And yet the registrar lists it as a fragrant sport of Snow Crust. I still don't think it's fragrant. If it came from Snow Crust/Elata where did the fragrance come from? There's no plantaginea anywhere.


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Steve, that is the way it is occasionally with some hosta. I have gone through this routine before, where there are claims of fragrance but nothing in the family tree ties it to plantaginea. Plus, I've never read of any other claims of fragrance in other species of hosta.

I think it is of interest to me because of the montana connection. It reputedly can thrive in warmer climates.

BKAy, the fact that the lady still has an interest in the Hostafinder indicates to me that she is still a hosta addict! Once a hosta lover, always a hosta lover. In Hostafinder Van Wade's nursery is Wade & Gatton, but it is shown in parentheses after the American listing. So both are Wades. I depend on Van Wade to provide some of the older hosta, and he personally does the digging. Look at his online cat and if it has a "D" it means he "digs" it. And his plants are large....I have quite a few from him. His place is the Library of Congress for hosta.....I've learned a lot reading his descriptions.

Like I said, the search was focused on the descriptions coming from n ursery catalogs, or whatever sources that MYHOSTAS.BE uses. Not all are reliable nor accurate. So I just plan to do some research on the strange entries which turned up in that search of descriptions for the term fragrant.

It should keep me busy for a few weeks, don't you think? :)
Right now, with sleet coming down and tinkling like little bells, I'm not doing anything outdoors for sure! I broke ice on the birdbaths, refilled the bird feeders, and that's enough for me.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I bet that lady would be a hoot to visit with. The phone is not too great, as she doesn't hear well.

A real letter might also be fun.


Here is a link that might be useful: Loleta Powell in 2009

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Great pics, BKay. Thanks for the link.

Don B.

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A little off the current conversation, but still on topic...Mocc, have you procured a unit of 'Peter the Rock' for your spring/summer scrutiny (read;enjoyment)? Y'know, in my opinion, there are SO many 'must haves' out there that it's difficult to even get a top 20 in stone for ordering, much less a top 10. For me, 'Stingray', 'Peter the Rock' and 'montana Aureomarginata' are still tops on the order list, and also 'Fragrant Queen', thanks to Steve_Mass' pics I've seen that are showing mature looks to the foliage, and flowers nearly as big as Mama p.! Ordering is always fun; it's a good 'problem' to have : )

Don B.

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Don, my friend, the next order out of the chute is to Avalon Acres and will include Mister Watson AND Peter The Rock AND Shade Master. He also has Sun Kissed (a sport of Sweet Sunshine) and one called Tonoko Tachi. As well, I am getting my second Doubled Up, which has such fantastic HUGE white flowers. Guess I shall put that order in quickly now that I've opened my big mouth....before they all are sold out.

You, single handedly, led to Mister Watson and Peter The Rock as well.

As stated before, I must study that MYHOSTAS.BE search results list and compare it to the Don Rawson Fragrant Flowered Hosta list. Don does not miss much, and he knows hosta a lot better than I do. Perhaps he has already done this same research that will keep me busy for a week or so.

Right now, we are approaching dark thirty, with the day ending as it began, with sleet tinkling on everything. My bird feeders were just refilled a second time today, and the friendly skies over our garden/yard look like the busiest airport in the world. I've had finches, cardinals, wrens, towhees, woodpeckers, blue jays, blue birds (yes!) titmice, chickadees, all day long. Stoking up on calories to make it through the night. Very unusual winter for us, since we usually have one cold spell and then normal 30s to 50s and 60s. This is repeatedly below freezing, night after night, truly the worst winter we've had in 50 years. Not the COLDEST temps, but the longest period of cold.

Except for the wet ground, the hosta should be really happy.

BKay, the little lady is amazing! I hope that I'm doing as well as she is when I get to be her age. My hat is off to her.

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